AGREED AND ACCEPTED. DELAWARE SERVICE COMPANY, INC. DELAWARE GROUP CASH RESERVE for its series set forth in this Schedule A By:_______________________________ By:________________________________________ Name: Douglas L. Anderson Name: David K. Downes Title: Senior Vice President Title: President SCHEDULE B SHAREHOLDER SERVICES AGREEMENT COMPENSATION SCHEDULE DELAWARE INVESTMENTS FAMILY OF FUNDS EFFECTIVE AS OF APRIL 19, 2001
AGREED AND ACCEPTED. CCC: /s/ [ILLEGIBLE] Customer: /s/ [ILLEGIBLE] (initial) ------------------ ------------------

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Refer annexed file/section in e-tender portal for detailed Bill of Quantities) AGREED AND ACCEPTED ALL THE TERMS & CONDITIONS.

Signature Print Name Address: Telephone: Facsimile: Email: AGREED AND ACCEPTED as of the day of , .

AGREED AND ACCEPTED: /s/ Tommie Ray Have Gun Will Travel Entertainment, Inc.

Yours faithfully, PROTECTIVE LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY By: Name: Title: AGREED AND ACCEPTED: [SERVICE PROVIDER] By: Name: Title: 1 Insert only where the new Services Provider is being appointed in relation to a particular trust's series of notes.

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AGREED AND ACCEPTED. AGREED AND ACCEPTED: APPLIED OPTOELECTRONICS, INC. "EMPLOYEE" By:____________________ ____________________ Signature Its: ____________________ ___________________ Date:___________________ Print Name Date: ____________________
AGREED AND ACCEPTED. AGREED AND ACCEPTED: Massachusetts Institute of Technology BIND Biosciences, Inc. /s/ Lita L. Nelsen /s/ Scott Minick By: LITA L. NELSEN, DIRECTOR By: CEO Title: TECHNOLOGY LICENSING OFFICE Title: 3/18/13
AGREED AND ACCEPTED. CCC:_____________ Customer: _________(Initial) [*] Certain information on this page has been omitted and filed separately with the Commission. Confidential treatment has been requested with respect to the omitted portions. For each day that CCC is able to improve upon the agreed to delivery date (Attachment C), CSI will pay an early delivery incentive payment of 1% of the development cost based on a phase by phase basis. There will be no incentive payments due if the Phase is delivered early and within a window that is 10% less than the delivery schedule. Based on a 6/22 start date: Credits ------- CyberPoint Development Completion Grace Credit Credit Per Date Date Start [*] Phase 1 9/3 9/10 9/11 Phase 2 11/24 1/2 1/3 Phase 3 2/25 3/4 3/5 Incentives ---------- CyberPoint Development Completion Grace Incentives Incentives Date Date Start Per Day Phase 1 9/3 8/27 8/26 [*] Phase 2 11/24 11/17 11/16 Phase 3 2/25 2/18 2/17 Enhancement Requests: If CSI requests in writing enhancements to the products listed on Attachment A, CCC agrees that CCC will: supply CSI with a price quote for the requested enhancements and a date when those enhancements would be delivered, CCC will agree to make enhancements to the products at a charge of [*] for features that CCC has planned for future enhancements to CCC's products. For product enhancement request that are CSI specific, CCC would charge [*]. Additional Contract Terms: . CCC will allow CSI to bring up merchants on CCC's current hardware for a reasonable amount of time (estimated to be 120 days) while CSI supplies the required Hardware and Software for the CSI hosting system. It is estimated that with CCC's current capacity we could support up to [*] CSI Merchants. . CSI will do all customers billing. CCC to bill CSI. . ALL 1st call support is the responsibility of CSI. 1st Call installation support for the Store Front SSL API and HTML wrapper will be a [*]. . The CyberPoint, Storefront SSL API, HTML Wrapper and StoreManager Plus licenses are not transferable and each new merchant is required to license a copy of the software. . CSI will be responsible for end-user license agreements which need to be approved by CCC. CCC will work with CSI to automate this. . CCC will conduct 22 day training classes at CCC's location at no charge . CCC will work with CSI to develop an "end-user" license agreement, mutually agreeable to both parties within 3 weeks from contract signing to replace Schedule B Payment Terms: Hosting Engine: [...
AGREED AND ACCEPTED. BUYER: , a By: Name: Title: Date: EXHIBIT A Description of Loan Property Address Original Lender Original Borrower Date of Promissory Note 38-33 Clearview Expressway, Bayside, New York, 11361 Woodbridge Mortgage Investment Fund 1, LLC Zeze Food Corporation November 18, 2013 EXHIBIT B Form of Allonge [see attached] EXHIBIT C Form of Assignment and Assumption of Mortgage
AGREED AND ACCEPTED. By: /s/Michael Cirenza ------------------ Michael Cirenza /s/James M. McCormick --------------------- James M. McCormick Controller & Treasurer By: /s/Eric O. Hallman ------------------ Eric O. Hallman By: /s/John Kreft ------------- John Kreft By: /s/Stephen M. Bachelder ----------------------- Stephen M. Bachelder Board of Directors Compensation Committee
AGREED AND ACCEPTED. AGREED AND ACCEPTED: LANDLORD: TENANT: BRICKMAN LEASING, LLC THE BRICKMAN GROUP, LTD. By: /s/ Theodore W. Brickman, Jr. By: /s/ Mark A. Hjelle -------------------------------- ------------------------------------ Name: Theodore W. Brickman, Jr. Name: Mark A. Hjelle Title: Member Title: Vice President Date: 9/21/00 Date: 9/21/00 ------------------------------ ----------------------------------
AGREED AND ACCEPTED. Artist: By: Date: Address: Phone: E-mail: Venue: By: Date: Address: Phone: E-mail: