Leadership Sample Clauses

Leadership. Develop strong joint leadership, shift to coaching style of leadership and share information, including financial data.
Leadership. Accepts responsibility for the delivery of safe, quality nursing care • Acts as a clinical resource for registered and enrolled nurses in the management of patient care • Is a role model and contributes to interdisciplinary team functioning and decision making • Communicates effectively with patient, family and health professionals to facilitate provision of care • Advocates for patients, families and carers to ensure individual rights are acknowledged, respected and protected
Leadership. Ability to lead and train others and to get results through teamwork. If present job requires leadership, or if you have an opportunity to observe evidence of leadership on the job, appraise leadership characteristic below; otherwise disregard this factor. ☐ Unsatisfactory Unable to get satisfactory output from subordinates. ☐ Needs ImprovementMeets Expectations Good on regular assignments. Has respect of group. ☐ Exceeds Expectations ☐ Outstanding Outstanding leader. Maintains high morale and output. Remarks: Click here to enter remarks
Leadership. Holders of public office should promote and support these principles by leadership and example.
Leadership. Providing leadership in the planning and implementation necessary for the successful operation of the Institution and to ensure that the Institution develops to its potential;
Leadership. The employee will take the lead in completing tasks or assignments. May act as a key on certain projects. The employee supports the work of others through constructive advice and/or suggestion. The employee is respected for leadership role.
Leadership. You have a duty to promote and support the principles of this Code of Conduct by leadership and example, to maintain and strengthen the community’s trust and confidence in the integrity of the community council and its members in representing the views and needs of the local area. You must also promote social inclusion and challenge discrimination in any form. You should act to assist the community council, as far as possible, in the interest of the whole community that it serves. Where particular interest groups’ concerns are in conflict with those of other groups or other areas you should help to ensure that the community council is aware of them. Respect You must respect fellow members of your community council and those that you represent, treating them with courtesy, respect and in a non-discriminatory manner at all times. This should extend to any person, regardless of their position, you have dealings with in your capacity as a community councillor. Recognition should be given to the contribution of everyone participating in the work of the community council. You must comply with Equal Opportunities legislation and ensure that equality of opportunity be given to every participant to have their knowledge, opinion, skill and experience taken into account.
Leadership. The position outlined is expected to require significant energy, self-motivation, perseverance, and leadership to successfully execute.
Leadership a. Serve as primary communicator/spokesperson for the area of responsibility.
Leadership. MPC researchers and program administrators are having a major impact through participation in TRB, TRF, ITE, and other national organizations and conferences. Moreover, MPC is a leader in responding to the dynamic and sometimes unprecedented transportation demands and issues posed by shale energy development. MPC research projects in Wyoming and North Dakota are helping impacted states and local/tribal governments develop long-term road and bridge investment strategies. The newly formed North Dakota Transportation Safety Advisory Group (which includes representation from NDDOT, North Dakota Highway Patrol, FRA, PHMSA, and FMCSA) is identifying critical research projects for 2015-2016 and leveraging technical assistance and training for transportation operators, emergency responders, and state and local planners. Even though MPC’s primary focus is State of Good Repair, MPC has responded quickly to urgent requests for safety training and research in light of the unprecedented issues associated with the transportation of Xxxxxx crude oil via rail, pipeline, and truck.