To the Authority Sample Clauses

To the Authority. All Initial Participants to this Agreement shall be required to commence electric service as soon as practicable, as determined by the Board.
To the Authority. Post: [●] Email: [●] or any alternative address that the Authority notifies to the Supplier.
To the Authority. For National Airport: Airport Manager, MA-100 Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Washxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx, XX 00000 For Dulles Airport: Airport Manager, MA-200 Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Washington Dulles International Airport P.0. Box 00000 Xxxxxxxxxx, X.X. 00000 With a copy to: Manager of Commercial Programs, MA-50 Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority 44 Cxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx, Xxxxxxxx 00000 or to such other address as the Authority may, from time to time, designate in writing to the Contractor.
To the Authority. Post: at the Authority's registered office address shown above . Email: [ ] or any alternative address that the Authority notifies to the Supplier.
To the Authority. Post: Highways Operation Manager, City of Wolverhampton Council Xxxxx Xxxxxx, Xx Xxxxxx Xxxxxx, Wolverhampton, WV1 1RG Email: X& or any alternative address that the Authority notifies to the Supplier.

Related to To the Authority

  • The Authority 3.1 The Parties acknowledge that the legal and official title of the Authority is as set out in 1.1 above.

  • Notice to the Authority No later than 15 (fifteen) days after the date of this Agreement, the Contractor shall by notice furnish to the Authority, in reasonable detail, information in respect of the insurances that it proposes to effect and maintain in accordance with this Article 18. Within 15 (fifteen) days of receipt of such notice, the Authority may require the Contractor to effect and maintain such other insurances as may be necessary pursuant hereto, and in the event of any difference or disagreement relating to any such insurance, the Dispute Resolution Procedure shall apply.

  • Obligations of the Authority 6.1.1 The Authority shall, at its own cost and expense undertake, comply with and perform all its obligations set out in this Agreement or arising hereunder.

  • Due Authority The execution and delivery by the Company of this Warrant and the performance of all obligations of the Company hereunder, including the issuance to Warrantholder of the Warrant Shares issuable hereunder, have been duly authorized by all necessary corporate action on the part of the Company. This Agreement: (i) does not violate the Company’s Charter or Bylaws; (ii) does not contravene any law or governmental rule, regulation or order applicable to the Company; and (iii) does not and will not contravene any provision of, or constitute a default under, any indenture, mortgage, contract or other instrument to which the Company is a party or by which it is bound. This Agreement constitutes a legal, valid and binding agreement of the Company, enforceable in accordance with its terms.

  • LEGAL AUTHORITY The Contractor warrants and assures H-GAC that it possesses adequate legal authority to enter into this Agreement. The Contractor's governing body, where applicable, has authorized the signatory official(s) to enter into this Agreement and bind the Contractor to the terms of this Agreement and any subsequent amendments hereto.

  • General Authority Subject to the provisions and limitations of Sections 2.03 and 2.06, the Owner Trustee is authorized and directed to execute and deliver the Basic Documents to which the Issuer is to be a party and each certificate or other document attached as an exhibit to or contemplated by the Basic Documents to which the Issuer is to be a party and any amendment or other agreement, as evidenced conclusively by the Owner Trustee’s execution thereof. In addition to the foregoing, the Owner Trustee is authorized, but shall not be obligated, to take all actions required of the Issuer pursuant to the Basic Documents. The Owner Trustee is further authorized from time to time to take such action as the Administrator recommends with respect to the Basic Documents.

  • Signature Authority Each party has the full power and authority to enter into and perform this Agreement, and the person signing this Agreement on behalf of each Party has been properly authority and empowered to enter into this Agreement.

  • Warranty of Authority Each person signing this Amendment warrants that he or she is duly authorized to do so and to bind the respective party.