Selection Criteria Sample Clauses

Selection Criteria. Each Contract is secured by a new or used Motorcycle. No Contract has a Contract Rate less than 1.00%. Each Contract amortizes the amount financed over an original term no greater than 84 months (excluding periods of deferral of first payment). Each Contract has a Principal Balance of at least $500.00 as of the Cutoff Date.
Selection Criteria. In considering applications for early retirement incentive from eligible faculty members, should the Employer determine it will be unable to offer an incentive to all who have applied, it will use the following criteria in ascertaining the faculty members to whom such offers should be given.
Selection Criteria. The Designated Receivables were selected on a random basis from all receivables satisfying the selection criteria described herein, and no selection procedures believed to be adverse to NFRRC or to holders of the Securities issued under the Further Transfer and Servicing Agreements were utilized in selecting the Designated Receivables from those receivables of NFC and Truck Retail Instalment Paper Corp., its wholly owned subsidiary, which meet the selection criteria under this Agreement.
Selection Criteria. (a) In the promotion, transfer, demotion or release of employees, performance in current or previous positions, required qualifications (including initiative), and seniority shall be the determining factors. Each of the three (3) determining factors will be accorded equal weight.
Selection Criteria. 6.1 In order to be considered eligible for the award of the contract, tenderers must provide evidence that they meet or exceed certain minimum qualification criteria described hereunder. 6.1.1 No evidence of economic and financial standing is required. 6.1.2 Information about the tenderer's technical capacity. (An economic operator may, where appropriate and for a particular contract, rely on the capacities of other entities, regardless of the legal nature of the links which it has with them. It must in that case prove to the contracting authority that it will have at its disposal the resources necessary for the execution of the contract, for example, by producing an undertaking by those entities to place the necessary resources at the disposal of the economic operator)This information must follow the relevant forms (Volume 1 Section 4)* of the tender document and include: • Evidence of relevant experience in providing cleaning services over the period January- 2009 to June-2012.o The minimum total value of such services shall not be less than Euro 100,000 for the period between January 2009 to June 2012.o The minimum number of contracts during the period January 2009 to June 2012 must be at least 3 in number. • Equipment to be employed on contract (Volume 1 Section 4).• A declaration, including necessary details, that demonstrates and guarantees that the tenderer has the required set-up, tools and equipment and availability of necessary personnel to be used to provide cleaning services as required, to ensure the required service delivery (Volume 1 Section 4).• Profile of Company, including its business activities and an organisation chart of personnel (supplied by Contractor).• Technical Offer (Volume 3 Section 2). In so listing the end clients, the tenderer is giving his consent to the Evaluation Committee, so that the latter may, if it deems necessary, contact the relevant clients, with a view to obtain from them an opinion on the works provided to them, by the tenderer. *Tenderers are required to add additional sheets/attach documentation, where necessary, for all the required information to complement the information submitted in the Forms, as well as for any additional/supporting information. No part of the services is to be subcontracted to any person/company/entity. The selected tenderer must be able to carry out all (100%) of the services itself.
Selection Criteria. (a) The Employer shall establish Selection Criteria for granting leave under clauses 18.02, 18.03 and 18.04. Upon request, a copy of these criteria will be provided to an employee and/or the Institute Representative.
Selection Criteria. (a) Should the Employer establish selection criteria for granting leave under clauses B27.02 through B27.07 for a specified group, a copy of these criteria will be provided to an employee who so requests and to the Institute Representative on the Canadian Food Inspection Agency Career Development Consultation Committee. The Employer, on request, will consult with the Institute Representative on the Committee with regard to the selection criteria.
Selection Criteria. ‌ The successful applicant will be determined on qualifications, knowledge, education, skills, experience, personal suitability and seniority. Where two or more applicants are equal, the one with the greater seniority will be selected.
Selection Criteria. If the application of this paragraph requires the Employer to pay overtime to the employee pursuant to Article 16 (Overtime), the proposed move shall not be made; or