Job Requirements Sample Clauses

Job Requirements. Subsequent to initial appointment, the employer has the right to place additional employment requirements on any job classification. For those employees already on the job, the costs of such additional requirements shall be borne by the employer. New employees shall assume costs of all eligibility requirements. All permanent and probationary employees shall be required to wear identification badges which will include the employees' name and a current picture prepared and provided by the Board.
Job Requirements. All applicants must meet the job requirement for consideration. Mandatory:
Job Requirements. Job Vacancy
Job Requirements. The employer will pay the bus driver for the CDL license, abstract, and anything required for the job (i.e. drug testing, paperwork, phone calls, seating charts, etc).
Job Requirements. 2 .1 CLASS “D” ELECTRICIAN: The Class “D” Electrician is the first step of the progression . Applicants for a Class “A+” Electrician’s job begin their trial period with their classified rate for the first (90) days . For the remaining (90) days, the maximum rate paid will be Grade V . To progress to the next level, Class “C” Electrician, the employee must meet the following requirements: • must be registered in the Provincial Apprenticeship program for Industrial Electricians • must have successfully completed the Basic school program (the first of three in-school sessions) . • must have worked a minimum of 1000 hours in the maintenance area which are applicable to the apprenticeship program requirements, hours in school will be included in the 1000 hours applicable to the apprenticeship program requirements . • must demonstrate a good knowledge of electrical safety rules and regulations • must demonstrate a basic understanding of the Canadian Electrical Code • must demonstrate a basic understanding of electrical and electronic theory and principles • must be able to read, interpret and apply information found on basic electrical drawings and schematics • must demonstrate safe work practices in the performance of all assigned work • must be able to use hand and power tools safely and effectively • must receive an adequate job performance rating relating to skills, mechanical aptitude and technical knowledge • The employee has a maximum of six (6) months to progress to the Class “C” level . If the first of the three in-school (basic training) sessions is not required then the employee will be required to accumulate only 500 hours of maintenance time and the maximum time allowed to progress to the next level will be reduced to three (3) months . In this situation the maximum time allowed to progress from the second level, Class “C” Electrician, to the third level, Class “B” Electrician, will be increased by three (3) months .
Job Requirements. The employee understands his/her work assignment and possesses the skills/knowledge needed to fulfill the job requirements.
Job Requirements. (1) The Contractor shall provide each of the following as a part of its services hereunder:
Job Requirements. 18 10.1 Employees hired by the City and bargaining unit members must obtain and 19 maintain State of Florida certifications as Firefighter and EMT or Paramedic. 20 Employees must meet all other requirements set forth in the job description.
Job Requirements. All applicants must meet the job requirement for consideration. Mandatory:  Degree in Nursing which meets the requirements of the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia  Post Grad qualification in Continence Management or working toward  Current Nursing Registration  Current Victorian Driver’s Licence  Demonstrated commitment to LCHS Values Other Job Requirements: All incumbents must satisfactorily meet the security check criteria prior to appointment. A Police Record Check regarding any criminal record will be required prior to appointment and updated every three (3) years. Credentialing documentation is required to be completed and verified prior to finalisation of the appointment. Prior to any person being appointed to this position it will be required that they disclose full details of any pre-existing injuries or disease that might be affected by employment in this position. This Position Description and Letter of Agreement will be reviewed from time to time in keeping with changing requirements. Applications from Aboriginal people, people from a culturally diverse background, people who identify as LGBTI, and people with a lived experience of disability are encouraged. Reasonable adjustments will be made where required. Note: LCHS is a child safe organisation. The successful applicant will be required to undergo a satisfactory criminal record check from the Australian Federal Police or country of residence. Approved (Job title): Executive Director Primary Health Date: 18.05.2018
Job Requirements. No bargaining unit job classification shall require a college degree, although the possession of a degree may be desirable. Specialized requirements may be desired but will not be unduly cited to "fit" the job position to a particular individual while excluding others. SUPPLEMENT A Job Classifications and Technical Grades TECHNICAL GRADE TN1 TECHNICAL GRADE XX0 XXXXXXXXX XXXXX XX0 Altitude Test Technician I Altitude Test Technician II Altitude Test Technician III Assembly Technician I Assembly Technician II Assembly Technician III Avionic Mechanical Technician I Avionic Mechanical Technician II Avionic Mechanical Technician III Cleaning Mech/Tech I Cleaning Mech/Tech II Cleaning Mech/Tech III Clean Room Lab Technician I Clean Room Lab Technician II Clean Room Lab Technician III Composite Technician I Composite Technician II Composite Technician III Data Certification Ops. Technician I Data Certification Ops. Technician II Data Certification Ops. Technician III Data Verif/Acq Technician I Data Verif/Acq Technician II Data Verif/Acq Technician III Electronic Fabricator I Electronic Fabricator II Electronic Fabricator III Electro-Mech Technician I Electro-Mech Technician II Electro-Mech Technician III Electro Sys Dev Technician I Electro Sys Dev Technician II Electro Sys Dev Technician III EVA Support Hardware Specialist I EVA Support Hardware Specialist II EVA Support Hardware Specialist III Fluid Systems Technician I Fluid Systems Technician II Fluid Systems Technician III Instrument / Electrical Technician I Instrument / Electrical Technician II Instrument / Electrical Technician III Machinist I Mechanical Sys Technician I Machinist II Mechanical Sys Technician II Machinist III Mechanical Sys Technician III Metal Fabrication Technician I Metal Fabrication Technician II Metal Fabrication Technician III Modal /Vibro – Acoustics Test Technician I Modal/ Vibro – Acoustics Test Technician II Modal / Vibro- Acoustics Test Technician III RF Systems Technician I RF Systems Technician II RF Systems Technician III Simulation Technician Specialist I Simulation Technician Specialist II Simulation Technician Specialist III Softgoods Technician I Softgoods Technician II Softgoods Technician III Technician Assistant I Technician Assistant II Technician Assistant III Welder I Welder II Welder III