Rewards Sample Clauses

Rewards. PROGRAMS You may have selected a Rewards Program for your account or, if you selected a Popular / AAdvantage® card, then the terms of the AAdvantage® Program apply. REWARDS PROGRAM WHAT IT MEANS HOW IT AFFECTS YOU Return A rewards program that earns cash back per every purchase made with the Card. The reward program accumulates in cash 1% of all net Purchases made with your credit Card. Net Purchases are Purchases minus any credits or returns. In your billing statement, you will receive an estimate of the Reward accumulated. The redemption of money will be automatic and will occur once a year, in January. You will not be able to redeem your Reward before this date. The Bank will send you a check for the balance of your Reward to the address where you receive your billing statements. You will not accumulate Rewards for Balance Transfers, Convenience Checks, Cash Advances, payments thru TelePago® Popular or Internet Banking, the Purchase of casino chips or other methods of gambling, or any other transaction the Bank determines at its sole discretion constitutes or is equivalent to a Cash Advance. If you return merchandise, the Reward for that merchandise will be deducted. The percent of the deduction will be calculated based on the earning structure at the moment the merchandise was returned. If the amount of your Reward is less than ten (10) dollars at the automatic redemption period, you will not receive a check but it will accumulate to your account for the next redemption period. If your account has a derogative condition, the Bank will be able to retain your Reward until the condition ends or cancel the Reward completely, at the Bank's sole discretion. When calculating the Reward, the Bank will use the total dollar amount of each transaction eliminating the cents. The Bank's determination of the Reward is final. To receive the Reward, your account must be kept open until the date of the Reward payment. The cash back rewards program is subject to changes or cancellation at any moment at the Bank's sole discretion. American Airlines AAdvantage® Program A rewards program that earns miles. You authorize us to report to American Airlines, AAdvantage® miles earned with us. You also authorize us to share with American Airlines your email address and experiential and transactional information regarding your activity with us. You will earn AAdvantage® miles for Purchases as long as your Account is current, in good standing and open the day the Transaction is reg...
Rewards. No member of the Gapbuster Group is responsible for the provision of any rewards or incentives offered on or through KODO. Each Content Provider is solely responsible for providing any reward, and if You have any questions, concerns or difficulty in relation to any reward You should contact the relevant Content Provider. By using the ‘share’ feature in respect of any reward, You acknowledge and agree that You have the consent of the recipient with whom you are sharing the reward to send the reward to them by electronic means. No member of the Gapbuster Group accepts any liability for the content of any message or any reward sent using the ‘share’ feature.
Rewards. The Programme may enable you to earn points or other rewards or benefits (“Points”) for each Qualifying Transaction you complete using your Number. A description of Qualifying Transactions and the Points, if any, you earn for each Qualifying Transaction can be found in the Programme materials. Qualifying Transactions and the Points earned are subject to change at Western Union’s sole discretion and without notice. The current amount of Points on your Number is available on request by contacting the My WU Programme as set forth below under Section 10.
Rewards. COVER You are insured for a reward that you offer and pay to successfully secure the return of insured property that suffers a loss, provided that: 1. the loss is covered under this policy, and 2. you have our prior approval to offer the reward.
Rewards. The Contractor shall not offer any reward, perquisite or emolument whatsoever to any person in the employment of the Commission.
Rewards design and administration of compensation, benefits, and recognition programs.
Rewards. We or our service provider may provide you with the opportunity to earn rewards in connection with your Account. If we do, we may provide you such information and terms related to your rewards separately and you must agree to such terms prior to enrolling in any rewards program.
Rewards. Your Account may provide you with the opportunity to earn rewards through BlockFi. Please refer to the BlockFi Rewards Program Terms, which may be found at: xxxxx:// No Authorized Users We will not issue an additional Card to allow any other person to access the Account. You understand that only you are permitted to use the Card or Account. If, however, any person you authorize initiates a transaction using the Card or Account or if such person incurs a Fee in connection with the Card or Account, you are responsible and liable for the transaction and any Fees or Interest Charges incurred. If you permit another person to have access to the Card or Account, this will be treated as if you authorized such use and you will be liable for all transactions and Fees incurred by those persons. You are wholly responsible for the use of each Card according to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. Your Promise to Pay By using your Card or your Account, you promise to pay us for all transactions made on your Account, as well as any fees, interest charges or other charges or Fees.
Rewards. So long as your My Future Savings Account remains in good standing, the Credit Union will make an annual deposit of $50.00 into your My Future Savings Account on the last business day of your birthday month up to and including your 18th birthday. The Credit Union reserves the right to change the rewards and other features of your My Future Savings Account at any time without notice, except where governing law requires such notice. We also specifically reserve the right to convert your My Future Savings Account to a Share Savings Account or other Savings Account governed solely by the terms of the Membership/Account Agreement when you attain the age of 18 or at any time, with proper notice. Transaction Limitations. During any statement period, you may not make more than six withdrawals or transfers to another Credit Union account or yours or to a third party by means of a preauthorized transaction or telephonic order or instruction. No more than three of the six transfers may be made by check, draft, debit card, if applicable, or similar order to a third party. If you exceed the transfer limitations set forth above in any statement period, your account will be subject to a fee as set forth in our Fee Schedule. In addition, we reserve the right to close your account for excessive violations of the transaction limitations on the account. My Future Savings Accounts (This account is for Members 18-22 years of age) Deposits. You can make deposits in person or by mail. You can arrange to have deposits made directly to your My Future Savings Account(s) by participating payers. If you have applied for and been given access to our Telephone Banking service or our Home Banking service, you can also transfer funds from one account to another. Deposits may also be made at a night depository at those Credit Union locations that have a night depository. Funds deposited to a night depository are considered deposited on the day on which the deposit is removed from such facility and is available for processing. The Credit Union is not responsible for deposits placed in the night depository until the depository is opened, and deposits are subject to count and verification by the Credit Union. If you are depositing coins into your My Future Savings Account, there will be no fee for your use of the coin machines located at any Credit Union branch location. Minimum Balance: The is a $100.00 minimum deposit required to open a My Future Savings Account, and you must maintain a ba...
Rewards. Your Account may provide you with the opportunity to earn rewards. If it does, we will separately provide you with information and terms about the rewards. ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATES & INTEREST CHARGES The following sections explain how we calculate the interest you owe each Billing Period. APRs. We use APRs to calculate interest charges on your Account. Different APRs may apply to different Transactions. See the listing of your APRs on the Pricing Information. Variable APRs. A variable APR is an APR that can change each Billing Period. We calculate each variable APR first by taking the U.S. Prime Rate from The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) on the first business day of the month. (If the WSJ doesn't publish the U.S. Prime Rate that day, then we'll use another publication). Then we add to the U.S. Prime Rate a certain percentage amount, which we call the Margin. You can find the Margin we use for your Account on the first page of this Agreement. The maximum APR for purchases, balance transfers and cash advances is 35.00%. How is a variable APR calculated? If the U.S. Prime Rate published in the WSJ on the first business day of the month is 6.00%; and if the Margin is 11.74%, then add the two together to calculate a variable APR: 6.00% + 11.74% = 17.74% Your variable APRs will increase if the U.S Prime Rate increases and decrease if the U.S. Prime Rate decreases. If a variable APR increases, then your interest charges and Minimum Payment Due may increase. If the U.S. Prime Rate changes, we'll apply the new variable APR starting on the first business day of the month when we take the U.S. Prime Rate from the WSJ. The new APR will apply to existing balances, as well as balances added to your Account after the change. Daily Balance. We calculate interest on your Account each Billing Period first by calculating your daily balances. The following explains how we do that. Here's how and when Transactions, fees and credits are applied to the balances on your Account: • We add the amount of a Purchase or Balance Transfer to the Purchase balance as of the post date on your statement. • We add the amount of a Cash Advance to the Cash Advance balance as of the post date on your statement. • We add a Balance Transfer fee to the Purchase balance as of the post date on your statement. We add a Cash Advance fee to the Cash Advance balance as of the post date on your statement. We'll add any other fees to the balance of our choice. If you're charged interest in a Billing Period, b...