Cost Effective Sample Clauses

Cost Effective. All customers will have access to a system that minimizes costs, enhances the participation of employers and job seekers served through the system and does not duplicate services.
Cost Effective. The savings resulting from the energy-savings measures outweigh the costs of the measures, including, but not limited to, any financing costs, provided the payback period for any financing provided pursuant to 2011 Conn. Pub. Acts 80, Section 23 (“Public Act 11-80”) is less than the functional life of the proposed energy-savings measures and the payback period does not exceed fifteen years.
Cost Effective. The simplicity of the model ensures the need of a low level of resources and dedication of the NPL for its diagnosis, implementation and continuous improvement.
Cost Effective. The manufacturing process for a successful formulation must be implementable at commercial scale in a developing world manufacturing setting.
Cost Effective. Compared to crime analysis technology, the technology requires no additional hardware or software, no additional staff, and no maintenance contracts. It directly integrates with an agency’s existing Records Management System.
Cost Effective. Achieving the desired goal with minimum 13 expenditures.
Cost Effective. Achieving the desired goal with minimum 9 expenditures.
Cost Effective. Achieving the desired goal with minimum 23 expenditures.

Related to Cost Effective

  • Restatement Effective Date The obligations of the Lenders to make Loans and of the Issuing Bank to issue Letters of Credit hereunder shall not become effective until the date on which each of the following conditions is satisfied (or waived in accordance with Section 9.02):

  • Amendment Effective Date This Amendment shall become effective as of the first date (the “Amendment Effective Date”) on which each of the following conditions shall have been satisfied:

  • Agreement Effective Date This Agreement shall become effective and binding upon each Party immediately following the occurrence of the following conditions (the “Agreement Effective Date”):

  • Contract Effective Date This agreement becomes effective when signed by the last party whose signing makes the agreement fully executed.

  • Effective December 31, 1993 and annually thereafter, the total monthly payment of LTIP under the Plan shall be increased by up to 2% based on the average annual increase in the Ontario Consumer Price Index (CPI) as published by Statistics Canada each January.

  • Initial Effective Date The initial effective date of coverage under the Group Insurance Program is the thirty-fifth (35th) day following the employee's first day of employment, re- hire, or reinstatement with the State. The initial effective date of coverage for an employee whose eligibility has changed is the date of the change. An employee must be actively at work on the initial effective date of coverage, except that an employee who is on paid leave on the date State-paid life insurance benefits increase is also entitled to the increased life insurance coverage. In no event shall an employee's dependent's coverage become effective before the employee's coverage. If an employee is not actively at work due to employee or dependent health status or medical disability, medical and dental coverage will still take effect. (Life and disability coverage will be delayed until the employee returns to work.)

  • Amendment; Termination (a) This Addendum (including the Schedules hereto) may not be amended without the prior written consent of the Majority Japan Local Currency Banks hereunder and subject to the provisions of Section 8.01 of the Credit Agreement.