Excellence Sample Clauses

Excellence. Quality in everything done drives success in everything.
Excellence. The candidate must supply evidence of continuing, consistent scholarly contributions at a level determined by the CAPT on the advice of the external assessors to be a notable or similar contribution to a discipline or area of scholarly specialization or field of professional practice. Such a contribution might, for example, be constituted in some disciplines or areas by a number of books or a particularly important book, or in others by a particularly important series of articles.
Excellence. The candidate must establish that his or her teaching is recognized by colleagues both internal and external to the University and by students as being notably excellent on a continuing and consistent basis.
Excellence. Always try to do my best. Together we will succeed Be happy and help make our school a caring, welcoming place Challenge myself every day. Ask, discover, explore and create Don’t ever give up!
Excellence. In All We Do
Excellence. We will strive to excel at everything we do. We will aim for the highest standard of quality to achieve best value for our community and customers.
Excellence. Introduction Even if the topic of creative industries is not new anymore and it is usually being part of development strategies in Western countries, the economic value of creative industries is though still barely understood. Cultural and creative industries (CCI) together generate US$2,250b of revenues and 29.5 million jobs worldwide, while in Europe it was 7.7 million jobs and US$709b of revenues (EY, 2015). CCI are largely made up of small and medium-sized enterprises. The most commonly cited definitions of creative industries include the one that first appeared in the UK Mapping Document in 1998 (Creative Industries Mapping Document, 1998) and updated in the Mapping Document in 2001 (Creative Industries Mapping Documents, 2001). According to the updated and still valid definition are creative industries those industries that are based on individual human creativity, human skills and talents. At the same time, creative industries are potential industries that create wealth and jobs, especially through intellectual property rights. By this definition, there are thirteen branches included in creative industries: advertising, architecture, books and print, radio and television, design, film and video, music, software, computer games, fashion design, crafts, scenic arts, and the art and antiques market. These sectors were first defined as the creative industries by the Working Group at the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), founded by Prime Minister Tony Blair in 1997. Thus, Great Britain became the pioneer of the creative concept industries in Europe. Creative industries, even if they are a varied bunch, have some things in common. They earn profits from creative skills of people. Intellectual property has become the catalyst transforming creativity into creative industries. Creative activities contribute significantly to youth employment and careers in CCI are relatively open to people of all ages and backgrounds. In Europe, CCI sectors typically employed more people aged 15–29 years than any other sector. Creative industries also tend to favour the participation of women compared with more traditional industries. Statistics compiled by the UK Government showed that women accounted for more than 50% of people employed in the music industry in 2014 (vs. 47% in the active population overall). Moreover, creation is driven by small businesses or individuals, giving rise to agile and innovative employers (EY, 2015). Creative activities are very l...
Excellence. God deserves the very best I have to offer. I will honor him by serving him to the best of my ability in the following areas:
Excellence. The candidate must establish that his or her teaching is recognized by students and colleagues as notably excellent, and that the candidate has established a reputation as a teacher beyond the Department and the University.
Excellence. We strive to be the best we can Through always seeking to improve in everything we do and thereby taking things to a higher level.