Incentives Sample Clauses

Incentives. The DTHO shall, subject to compliance with each of the Incentive Eligibility Conditions set out in Clause 2.1 of this Addendum, be entitled to avail the following incentives on a cumulative basis for the NATIONAL Bouquet on the NATIONAL Bouquet Rate.
Incentives. Seller may offer Buyer certain incentives conditioned upon Buyer’s use of a loan from Seller’s Preferred Lenders. In consideration of Buyer’s acceptance of Seller incentives, Buyer shall timely apply exclusively to one of Seller’s Preferred Lenders to secure financing, and if qualified, shall use the loan to close on the purchase of the Property. The incentives which Seller hereby offers to Buyer (if any) on this transaction are as follows:
Incentives. Lottery may conduct retailer incentive programs in which Retailer may be eligible to participate. Lottery may offer such incentive programs, or not, and establish any eligibility criteria for participation. For purposes of this Section 10, such incentives are not considered part of Retailer’s compensation rate and may be introduced, modified, or terminated as Lottery determines in its sole discretion.
Incentives. For the period from the Commencement Date until December 31st, 2015, the Executive shall be paid a bonus (“Bonus”) of up to 25% of the Base Salary. The incentive paid (if any) will be determined by the Chief Executive Officer and the Board at their discretion. The Bonus will be paid in cash or stock as per the recommendation of the Board.