Rewards definition

Rewards means any Merchandise Reward, Travel Reward, Gift Card Reward or Account Credit Reward that is available in this Program; and
Rewards means benefits, facilities, goods and services and arrangements which may, from time to time, be offered or provided to you by the Venue Operator in exchange for Points that you earn at the Venue, in accordance with these Rules.
Rewards means the rewards gifts catalogued on the Rewards Program Website for which Points may be redeemed in the Rewards Program.

Examples of Rewards in a sentence

  • In the case of delays in the delivery of the Rewards, SingSaver will notify the recipients and make the necessary arrangements to deliver the Rewards.

  • Successful Applicants are encouraged to check spam/junk folders for the Rewards Notification Email as there may be accidental redirects by the email client.

  • Rewards that are not claimed past the collection period stipulated on the Rewards Notification Email will be forfeited.

  • You further understand and acknowledge that you will be liable for reporting and paying all taxes relating to your investments and other activity related to this User Agreement, including with respect to any Cryptocurrency Transactions, Staking Rewards, Rewards/Awards Transactions, and any other related transactions that may occur in your Account.

  • Will be notified of successful reward issuance via email from SingSaver, to the email address provided in the Rewards Redemption Form (“Rewards Notification Email”).

More Definitions of Rewards

Rewards means any available rewards that are available under the Program from time-to-time including the rewards set out under the categories such as Merchandise , Event Tickets, Activities, Travel, Gift Card or Account Credit Rewards, or similar terms, under this Program.
Rewards means any Merchandise Reward, Travel Reward, Gift Card Reward or Account Credit Reward that is available in the Program; and
Rewards means goods and/or services available to a Member as a consequence of achieving certain criteria;
Rewards means any goods, services, benefits, arrangements or other privileges (including without limitation, miles on participating airline frequent flyer programs, loyalty program points, cash credit or annual membership fee waivers), as may be determined by Bank in Bank’s absolute discretion, which may be redeemed by the use of Rewards Points under the Program.
Rewards shall have the same meaning afforded those terms in the Financial Institution Rewards Program Terms and Conditions as the same may be accessed at the Rewards Program Website said Financial Institution Rewards Program Terms and Conditions being incorporated by reference into these Terms & Conditions and specifically supplementing these Terms & Conditions.
Rewards. When Kasasa Cash Back qualifications are met during a Monthly Qualification Cycle, you will receive (a) 2.00% cash back on up to a total of $300.00 of debit card purchases that post and settle to the account during that cycle period up to a maximum cash back earned of $6.00 per Monthly Qualification Cycle, as well as;
Rewards means any reward for which Points may be redeemed under the Program.