After December Sample Clauses

After December. 31, 2002, an employee in a bargaining unit who is declared surplus, who is eligible to exercise rights under the “Pre Mix and Match Surplus Declarations” XXX (dated March 31, 1995) or who has recall rights is eligible to apply to posted vacancies in another bargaining unit. Such applicant will be given fair and objective consideration for employment before new hires. A successful applicant will transfer his or her service to the new Employer in accordance with paragraph 9.3.5, below. No employee hired under this provision will be entitled to any relocation or moving expense under the provisions of any Collective Agreement.
After December. 31, 2001, this Agreement shall continue upon a year-to-year basis unless terminated by either the Employer or the Employee upon ninety days (90) written notice to the other before January 1 of the next year.
After December. 31, 2007, in the case of drop shipment sales, member states must 23 allow a third party vendor (e.g., drop shipper) to claim a resale exemption based on an 24 exemption certificate provided by its customer/re-seller or any other acceptable 25 information available to the third party vendor evidencing qualification for a resale 26 exemption, regardless of whether the customer/re-seller is registered to collect and 27 remit sales and use tax in the state where the sale is sourced.
After December. 31, 2002 and until the end of the Employment Period, the Company shall obtain and pay for disability insurance on Employee providing for monthly payments to Employee of at least $9,100 in the case of Employee becoming permanently disabled as defined in Section 6.3. All terms and conditions in this paragraph 5.1 are subject to the determination by the Company's Board of Directors that the payment of such benefit is financial feasible.
After December. 31, 2005, the “Research Program” will refer to research undertaken under the Existing Agreement, as amended hereby, with respect only to Corrector Compounds (except for the Potentiator research funded during 2006 as specified in the attached Research Plan). The “Research Plan” under Section 2.4 of the Existing Agreement will mean, after December 31, 2005, the initial plan for conduct of the Research Program focused on Correctors (and to a limited extent, Potentiators, as provided in the Research Plan), subject to applicable provisions of Section 2.4.1 of the Existing Agreement regarding modifications to that Research Plan. A copy of the initial Research Plan for continuing Corrector research (the “Initial Corrector Research Plan”) is attached to this Amendment as Exhibit 1.2. The concepts of Primary Subplan and Alternative Subplan as referenced in Section 2.4.3 of the Existing Agreement will no longer apply to activities undertaken under the Research Program after December 31, 2005. The terms of the Existing Agreement that provide for the allocation of resources between the Primary and the Alternative Programs will not be applicable to the Research Program after December 31, 2005.
After December. 31, 2016, the employer subsidy percentage of the applicable premium for full- time bargaining unit members enrolled in a university offered health plan will be set at the same amount as for all other non-bargaining unit staff enrolled in the same health plan. Prior to the finalization and implementation of a change in the employer subsidy percentage, the University will bargain with the Union. The University acknowledges that CWA members have the right to bargain collectively with the University to determine wages, hours, terms and other conditions of employment. If during the term of the Agreement substantial changes to the wellness program are considered, including, but not limited to changes which could result in mandated behavioral changes or treatment regimens, the University will bargain over the contemplated changes with CWA at least 90 days prior to the effective date of the change. It is expected that the CWA will stay abreast of changes to the contours of the University-wide program through its participation in the University-wide committee, known as the Health Plan Oversight Committee (HPOC). The University has charged HPOC with reviewing and making recommendations regarding anticipated changes in the University’s health care program. The president of CWA will have the opportunity to appoint one bargaining unit member to the University-wide committee known as the Health Plan Oversight Committee.
After December. 31, 2013.’’.
After December. 31, 2001, the elective transfer of distributable benefits will be available only if the direct rollover provisions of Code Section 401(a)(31) would not be available to transfer the Participant's entire Vested Account Balance to the transferee plan. This elective transfer option will only be available in the following circumstances;
After December. 31, 1967, retirement may be arranged at age sixty (60) but continuation of service beyond that age may be arranged from year to year subject to satisfactory health certificate and subject to recommendation by the Chief of Police that the Officer could usefully serve for the next year.
After December. 15, an employee may exercise seniority only for unfilled time periods or periods that later become vacant on the PTO schedule which are a full week or more. Unfilled slots will remain posted on the unit. Requests for any remaining unfilled weeks or weeks that become available will be posted for seven days and then granted by seniority. Requests for individual days that remain will be granted by seniority.