Effective December Sample Clauses

Effective December. 31, 1993 and annually thereafter, the total monthly payment of LTIP under the Plan shall be increased by up to 2.5% based on the average annual increase in the Ontario Consumer Price Index (CPI) as published by Statistics Canada each January.
Effective December. 11, 2019, all provisions of this collective agreement shall be read to be gender neutral.
Effective December. 1, 2012 contribution levels for those hired or enrolled in retirement after July 1, 2011:3 3 In 1994 benefits-eligible faculty and staff members hired prior to 6/30/1994 had the opportunity to choose an additional 1% retirement contribution (ARC) made by USNH or the Medicare Complimentary Plan (MCP). Those who chose ARC and those hired and enrolled between 1994 and June 30, 2011 receive an additional 1% USNH contribution to their retirement plans, except at the Initial Contribution Level. One current member of the bargaining unit elected MCP before access to that plan was terminated and remains grandfathered. Initial Contribution Level. The initial contribution level in the USNH Retirement Plan provides for the University System to contribute 6% and the participant to contribute 6%. After one full year of participation at the Initial Contribution Level, the University System contribution will increase to the Standard Contribution Level of 10%.
Effective December. 11, 2019, all teachers shall pay monthly to the Association moneys equal to the established fees or dues of the Association. Such dues and fees shall be deducted monthly by the School Division from each teacher’s month end pay and remitted to the Association following the deduction. Any dispute between a teacher and the Association related to dues or membership fees shall be referred to the Association for resolution. The School Division shall not be held liable for any costs arising from the resolution of any dispute.
Effective December. 31, 2010, Section IA. of the Employment Agreement is amended to replace December 31, 2010, each place it occurs therein with “February 15, 2011”.
Effective December. 31, 2006 an employee may not have accrued more than one year’s accumulation in his current vacation bank. Any accrual in excess of one year’s accumulation in his current vacation bank will be transferred to a grandfathered vacation bank, to be used as per Article 12. On December 31 of each year thereafter, an employee may not have accrued more than one year’s accumulation in his current vacation bank. Any accrual in excess of one year’s accumulation in his current vacation bank will be paid out to the employee via payroll processing.
Effective December. 11, 2019, clause 1.1 above is repealed and replaced by the following clause:
Effective December. 30, 2012, each bargaining unit member who is on the payroll as of December 29, 2012 and who receives a rating of “satisfactory” or better on his/her annual evaluation, shall receive a base rate increase of one and one quarter percent (1. 25%) as an equal dollar amount determined by dividing the amount equal to 1. 25% of the total unit salaries on each campus by FTE.
Effective December. 23, 2015, the base salary of all bargaining unit members shall be increased by an additional two percent (2%).
Effective December. 1 of each calendar year, employees who have accumulated sick leave may elect to convert sick leave earned in the preceding 12 months (or a maximum of 96 hours) to additional annual leave. Additional annual leave will be computed at 20 percent of sick leave hours converted (or 12 minutes of annual leave for each 1 hour of converted sick leave). Accumulated sick leave will be reduced by 100 percent of the hours which have been converted. Annual leave which has been earned by conversion must be utilized within 120 days of conversion.