Furnish to Sample Clauses

Furnish to. (a) each Bank, promptly after becoming available, each annual and quarterly report which the Company files with the SEC;
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Furnish to each Holder selling securities in such registration and underwriter a signed counterpart of (i) an opinion or opinions of counsel to the Company, and (ii) a comfort letter or comfort letters from the Company's independent public accountants, each in customary form and covering such matters of the type customarily covered by opinions or comfort letters, as the case may be, as the Holders selling securities in such registration or managing underwriter reasonably requests;
Furnish to. ComVest: (i) promptly after filing with the SEC, all annual, quarterly and other periodic reports, and all current reports, relating to the Company, with all financial information contained therein to be prepared and presented in compliance with all applicable rules and regulations; (ii) concurrently with the delivery of each annual report described in the foregoing clause (i), a certificate from the independent certified public accountants for the Company, in form and content reasonably satisfactory to ComVest, certifying that, in connection with their audit, which was performed to express an opinion on such financial statements, such accountants either do not have knowledge of the existence of any Event of Default under Sections 5.11(i) and 5.12(1) or, to their knowledge, the extent of such Event of Default; (iii) promptly after distribution to the Company's stockholders, copies of all proxy materials, reports and other information provided by the Company to its stockholders; (iv) within fifteen (15) days of the end of each calendar month, a certificate signed on behalf of the Company by its Chief Financial Officer, certifying that he has examined the provisions of this Agreement and the Notes, and that to his knowledge, no Default or Event of Default has occurred or is continuing; (v) promptly after receipt from the FDA, a copy of any Form 483 received by the Company in connection with the FDA audit; and (vi) promptly, from time to time, such other non-confidential information regarding the Company and/or its subsidiaries as ComVest may reasonably request;
Furnish to. Holders upon request a written statement as to its compliance with the reporting requirements of Rule 144 (at any time after 90 days after the effective date of the first registration statement filed by the Company for an offering of its securities to the general public), and of the Securities Act and the Exchange Act (at any time after it has become subject to such reporting requirements), a copy of the most recent annual or quarterly report of the Company, and such other reports and documents of the Company as a Holder may reasonably request in availing itself of any rule or regulation of the Commission allowing such Holder to sell any such securities without registration.
Furnish to each selling Holder a signed counterpart, addressed to the selling Holder, of
Furnish to. Program Manager any other available information pertinent to the Program and any Specific Project including reports and data relative to previous designs, construction, or investigation at or adjacent to the Site.
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Furnish to the County Engineer a certified statement of a licensed Ontario Land Surveyor that such Ontario Land Surveyor has found or replaced all standard iron bars as shown on the Plan at a date not earlier than thirty (30) days before the submission to the County for the Final Completion Certificate;
Furnish to. () each Lender, concurrently with the delivery of the financial statements referred to in subsection 5.1(a), a certificate of Deloitte & Touche or other independent certified public accountants of nationally recognized standing stating that, in making the examination necessary therefor, nothing came to their attention that caused them to believe that the Borrower was, as at the date at which such financial statements were made, in breach of subsection 6.1;
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