OTHER CONDITIONS OF EMPLOYMENT. A. Employees shall be provided with a secure place to store outdoor clothing, purses, and other supplies and equipment needed in the performance of their duties.
OTHER CONDITIONS OF EMPLOYMENT. Executive shall be subject to other terms and conditions of employment as set forth in: (a) the prevailing Company Team Member Handbook, (b) the prevailing Company insider trading policies, (c) any prevailing clawback or anti-hedging policies, and (d) any other Company policies, all of which shall be subject to interpretation and change from time to time at the sole discretion of the Company, so long as such terms and conditions are not materially inconsistent with the terms hereof.
OTHER CONDITIONS OF EMPLOYMENT. The Director’s employment shall be subject to the Company’s standard conditions of employment as set out in the Annexures hereto and the Corporate Office Staff Booklet. In the event of conflict between such annexures, the staff booklet and this agreement, the terms of this agreement shall prevail. It is specifically provided that the Company’s policies, practices and procedures do not in themselves constitute terms and conditions of employment but flexible guidelines designed to ensure the company’s compliance with fair labour and accepted industrial relations practices.
OTHER CONDITIONS OF EMPLOYMENT. A. The School District will provide for a clearly designated area of bulletin board on existing bulletin boards in each school. The use of this space is restricted to noncontroversial matters such as notices of meetings or announcements concerning Union activities. There shall be one bulletin board area for each building.
OTHER CONDITIONS OF EMPLOYMENT. Mudd agrees that for a period of two (2) years from the date he ceases to be an employee of the Company or any subsidiary of the Company, regardless of the reason for no longer being an employee, he will not directly or indirectly:
OTHER CONDITIONS OF EMPLOYMENT. Where this award is silent the provisions of the Crown Employees (NSW Police Administrative Officers and Temporary Employees Conditions of Employment) Award 2009 will apply.