Responsibilities Sample Clauses

Responsibilities. 1. Subject to the provisions of this Agreement, BNY shall with respect to each Specified Country select an Eligible Foreign Custodian. In connection therewith, BNY shall: (a) determine that assets of the Funds held by such Eligible Foreign Custodian will be subject to reasonable care, based on the standards applicable to custodians in the relevant market in which such Eligible Foreign Custodian operates, after considering all factors relevant to the safekeeping of such assets, including, without limitation, those contained in paragraph (c)(1) of the Rule; (b) determine that the Funds’ foreign custody arrangements with each Eligible Foreign Custodian are governed by a written contract with the Custodian which will provide reasonable care for the Funds’ assets based on the standards specified in paragraph (c)(1) of the Rule; (c) determine that each contract with an Eligible Foreign Custodian shall include the provisions specified in paragraph (c)(2)(i)(A) through (F) of the Rule or, alternatively, in lieu of any or all of such (c)(2)(i)(A) through (F) provisions, such other provisions as BNY determines will provide, in their entirety, the same or a greater level of care and protection for the assets of the Funds as such specified provisions; (d) monitor pursuant to the Monitoring System the appropriateness of maintaining the assets of the Funds with a particular Eligible Foreign Custodian pursuant to paragraph (c)(1) of the Rule and the performance of the contract governing such arrangement; and (e) advise the Funds whenever BNY determines under the Monitoring System that an arrangement (including, any material change in the contract governing such arrangement) described in preceding clause (d) no longer meets the requirements of the Rule.
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Responsibilities. A. NASA will use reasonable efforts to:
Responsibilities. A. NASA LaRC will use reasonable efforts to:
Responsibilities. A. NASA MSFC will use reasonable efforts to:
Responsibilities. A. NASA ARC will use reasonable efforts to:
Responsibilities. The Employee shall be given the job title of (“Position”) which shall involve: . The Employer may also assign duties to the Employee from time to time by the Employer. The Employee shall be expected to work ☐ full-time ☐ part-time.
Responsibilities. 8.1 Of the Provider As defined in Resource Center OLA.
Responsibilities. To contribute to the operational objectives of the workplace, a position at this level may include some of the following:
Responsibilities. It is the responsibility of management to provide safe working conditions in all present and future installations and to develop a safe working force. The Union will cooperate with and assist management to live up to this responsibility. The Employer agrees to give appropriate consideration to human factors in the design and development of automated systems.
Responsibilities. The JSC shall be responsible for: