New Hires Sample Clauses

New Hires. All newly-hired employees will be eligible to join the benefit plans and the calendar time waiting period will apply equally to all. The prorata percentage for new hires will be based on the schedule of work for which these employees are hired. This percentage will be revised, if necessary, once the employee has worked a full predetermined six (6) month period. The only exception to this calculation will be an employee who successfully bids or otherwise obtains a seventy-five (75) hour bi-weekly position. In this instance an employee who qualifies will immediately receive entitlement of one hundred percent (100%) of the Employer’s paid share of premiums and benefits, and holiday pay.
New Hires. 90. The City agrees to provide the Union with the names and classifications of newly hired employees. During the initial processing, the City will provide new employees in those units listed in Appendix A with a Union-provided packet of information regarding the Union and fees and dues arrangement. The Union will provide this information in sealed envelopes, one of which will be distributed to each new employee. The City may advise new employees that the packet is being provided as part of an agreement with the Union, and that the City is neither aware of nor endorses the content of the packet.
New Hires. A new hire is the successful applicant hired to a position who is not at the time of hire an Employee, as defined in Article 2. A new hire's salary shall normally be that of Step 1 of the salary range for the classification of the position for which he/she has been hired; however, a placement may be made at the pay step in the salary range quoted which is equivalent in years to the level of competence attained by the successful applicant through previous directly applicable experience and training, up to a maximum of the mid-point of the steps of the salary range for the classification. The Human Resources Department shall be consulted in all cases. Where a step higher than Step 1 is used, a memo giving reasons for this decision will be placed in the Employee's file. Where there is a question concerning the placement of an Employee in a step higher than Step 1, the Association will, upon request to the Human Resources Department, be informed of the reasons on file.
New Hires. Upon completion of initial Flight Attendant training and until five (5) consecutive settling days, as provided in Paragraph D.1 are completed, the Company shall provide Flight Attendants with the following:
New Hires. 25. The City agrees to provide the Union with the names and classifications of newly hired employees on a quarterly basis. The City will provide such new employees with information regarding the Union and agency shop.
New Hires. A. The Union may provide self-addressed stamped information post cards for newly hired employees to complete, including, name, address, title, date of hire, and other employment data. In addition, the Union may supply information packets concerning Union membership and representation. Upon receipt of such information post cards and packets, the Judiciary will distribute them to new employees at the same time that employees are required to fill out initial personnel and payroll forms. The card may be filled out by the new employee and if so, the employer will forward the card to the Union by mail.
New Hires. All newly hired Relief Nurses will serve a trial period. After completion of no more than three (3) months of employment, the Employer will give the Relief Nurse an evaluation in writing if s/he is having difficulty in meeting expectations. This provision does not limit in any way the right of the Employer to terminate a Relief Nurse without cause during the trial period; nor does it give rise to any claim concerning such termination under the Grievance and Arbitration provision. For “A” and “B” Relief Nurses the trial period shall commence on the first day of employment and extend until the date the Relief Nurse has actually worked one thousand (1,000) hours or twelve (12) months of employment provided the trial period shall in no case be less than six (6) months of employment. The trial period for “C” and “D” Relief Nurses shall be six (6) months. During the trial period a Relief Nurse may be terminated at any time at the Employer’s sole discretion and the Employer’s discretion shall not be subject to review under any provisions of this Agreement.
New Hires. 7.1.1 Probation shall involve a period of ninety (90) workdays from the date of hire for new hires.
New Hires. The Board will notify the Union in writing of all new hires by routinely providing the Xxxxxxx with a copy of the agenda for each Board meeting and a copy of approved minutes from each Board meeting. In addition, the Union shall be provided the new employee’s name, mailing address, telephone number if the employee releases such information for publication in the staff directory.