December Sample Clauses

December. 15.6 When New Year's Day or Australia Day is a Saturday or Sunday, a holiday in lieu thereof shall be observed on the next Monday.
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December. (iii) When Christmas Day and Boxing Day fall on Saturday and Sunday respectively, a holiday in lieu thereof shall be observed on 27 and 28
December. A pro rata share thereof shall be paid to an employee who leaves employment before 31
December. The bonus is inclusive of and not additional to any annual bonus paid by an employer and a shop xxxxxxx may not be prejudiced in respect of annual bonus earnings for time off authorised by his employer, in attending to union business.
December. (d) When New Year’s Day is a Saturday or a Sunday, an additional holiday shall be observed on the next Monday.
December. The audited statements and balance sheet shall thereafter lie for inspection at the office of the Regional Chamber and copies thereof shall be transmitted to the Transvaal Clothing Manufacturers' Association, the Southern African Clothing and Textile Workers' Union and the General Secretary of the Council who shall transmit a copy to the Registrar: Labour.
December. 23.2 In order to maintain essential services, the employer may require an employee to work on a public holiday. When the employee is required to work on a public holiday as part of the normal roster he/she shall be granted equivalent time off ‘in lieu’ at a later day convenient to the employer. An employee required to be on call on a Public Holiday shall receive a day in lieu. No employee shall receive more than one day in lieu for a public holiday worked.
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December. 3. The accounts of the Academy shall, in accordance with the financial regulations adopted by the Board in accordance with Article VI paragraph 2 subparagraph b, be subject to an annual independent external audit which shall meet the highest standards of transparency, accountability and legitimacy.
December. Seller provide an estimate of the average monthly Net Output of the Facility, and explain the basis for the estimate.
December. If the Employee’s employment commences or terminates part way through a holiday year, the Employee's entitlement during that holiday year shall be calculated on a pro rata basis rounded up to the nearest whole day.
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