Member States Sample Clauses

Member States. Each Participating Member State shall indemnify and hold harmless AstraZeneca, its Affiliates, subcontractors, licensors, and sub-licensees, and officers, directors, employees and other agents and representatives of each (collectively, the “Indemnified Persons”) from and against any and all damages and liabilities, including settlements for which the Indemnifying party has given its consent pursuant to Section 14.2, and necessary legal costs relating to, resulting from or associated with claims for death, physical, mental, or emotional injury, illness, disability, or condition, fear of the foregoing, property loss or damage, and business interruption of the injured party or a Related Person of such injured person (together, “Losses”) relating to or arising from the use or administration of the Vaccine shipped or allocated to its jurisdiction. Such indemnification will be available regardless of where the Vaccine is administered, where the claim is brought, and whether the claim‌ of a Defect originates from the distribution, administration and use, clinical testing or investigation, manufacture, labelling, formulation, packaging, donation, dispensing, prescribing or licensing of the Vaccine in its jurisdiction. Such indemnification will not be available to Indemnified Persons Indemnification under this Section 14.1 will be available for Losses arising from the use and administration of vaccines supplied under this Agreement, regardless of when or where vaccination occurred and regardless of when or where the injury leading to the Losses occurs or is reported.
Member States. 2. One of the objectives of the uniform Customs tariff shall be the protection of national products from foreign competition.
Member States. (1) African States party to the Bangui Agreement of March 2, 1977, are members of the Organization ex officio.
Member States. In relation to each Member State of the European Economic Area which has implemented the Prospectus Directive (each, a Relevant Member State), that with effect from and including the date on which the Prospectus Directive is implemented in that Relevant Member State (the Relevant Implementation Date), it has not made and will not make an offer of the Debt Securities to the public in that Relevant Member State prior to the publication of a prospectus in relation to the Debt Securities which has been approved by the competent authority in that Relevant Member State or, where appropriate, approved in another Relevant Member State and notified to the competent authority in that Relevant Member State, all in accordance with the Prospectus Directive, except that it may, with effect from and including the Relevant Implementation Date, make an offer of the Notes to the public in that Relevant Member State at any time:
Member States. Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. • XXXXX maintains permanent diplomatic relations at the United Nations as an observer and has developed links with multilateral entities, including the European Union. • Important objectives of the Association as outlined in the SAARC Charter are: o to promote the welfare of the peoples of South Asia and to improve their quality of life; o to accelerate economic growth, social progress and cultural development in the region and to provide all individuals the opportunity to live in dignity and to realize their full potentials; o to promote and strengthen collective self-reliance among the countries of South Asia. 35.
Member States shall provide the public with clear, comprehensive and timely information explaining the measures referred to in paragraph 1 as soon as possible and shall provide that information to the Commission at the same time.
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Member States. 22 Section II: Associated States .......................................................... Rights and Obligations of Member States Rights of Member States ............................................... 23 24
Member States shall report annually to the Commission on the sanctions imposed to enforce the provisions of this Regulation, in particular on the type of sanctions applied and the amount of the fines and financial penalties. The Commission shall take into account this information when drawing up the report required under Article 27 of this Regulation.
Member States shall ensure that the employer provides the reasoned written reply within one month of the request. With respect to natural persons acting as employers and micro, small, or medium enterprises, Member States may provide for that deadline to be extended to no more than three months and allow for an oral reply to a subsequent similar request submitted by the same worker if the justification for the reply as regards the situation of the worker remains unchanged.
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