Member States Sample Clauses

Member States. Each Participating Member State shall indemnify and hold harmless AstraZeneca, its Affiliates, subcontractors, licensors, and sub-licensees, and officers, directors, employees and other agents and representatives of each (collectively, the “Indemnified Persons”) from and against any and all damages and liabilities, including settlements for which the Indemnifying party has given its consent pursuant to Section 14.2, and necessary legal costs relating to, resulting from or associated with claims for death, physical, mental, or emotional injury, illness, disability, or condition, fear of the foregoing, property loss or damage, and business interruption of the injured party or a Related Person of such injured person (together, “Losses”) relating to or arising from the use or administration of the Vaccine shipped or allocated to its jurisdiction. Such indemnification will be available regardless of where the Vaccine is administered, where the claim is brought, and whether the claimof a Defect originates from the distribution, administration and use, clinical testing or investigation, manufacture, labelling, formulation, packaging, donation, dispensing, prescribing or licensing of the Vaccine in its jurisdiction. Such indemnification will notbe available to Indemnified Persons Indemnification under this Section 14.1 will be available for Losses arising from the use and administration of vaccines supplied under this Agreement, regardless of when or where vaccination occurred and regardless of when or where the injury leading to the Losses occurs or is reported.
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Member States. The member states of the European Community
Member States. In relation to each Member State of the European Economic Area which has implemented the Prospectus Directive (each, a Relevant Member State), that with effect from and including the date on which the Prospectus Directive is implemented in that Relevant Member State (the Relevant Implementation Date), it has not made and will not make an offer of the Debt Securities to the public in that Relevant Member State prior to the publication of a prospectus in relation to the Debt Securities which has been approved by the competent authority in that Relevant Member State or, where appropriate, approved in another Relevant Member State and notified to the competent authority in that Relevant Member State, all in accordance with the Prospectus Directive, except that it may, with effect from and including the Relevant Implementation Date, make an offer of the Debt Securities to the public in that Relevant Member State at any time: (x) to legal entities which are authorized or regulated to operate in the financial markets or, if not so authorized or regulated, whose corporate purpose is solely to invest in securities; (y) to any legal entity which has two or more of (1) an average of at least 250 employees during the last financial year; (2) a total balance sheet of more than €43,000,000 and (3) an annual net turnover of more than €50,000,000, as shown in its last annual or consolidated accounts; or (z) in any other circumstances which do not require the publication by the Company of a prospectus pursuant to Article 3 of the Prospectus Directive. For the purposes of this Section 1(c)(i), the expression an “offer of Debt Securities to the public” in relation to any Debt Securities in any Relevant Member State means the communication in any form and by any means of sufficient information on the terms of the offer and the Debt Securities to be offered so as to enable an investor to decide to purchase or subscribe for the Debt Securities, as the same may be varied in that Member State by any measure implementing the Prospectus Directive in that Member State and the expression “Prospectus Directive” means Directive 2003/71/EC and includes any relevant implementing measure in each Relevant Member State. Table of Contents
Member States. This compact shall be available to any state of the United States and the District of Columbia.