Employee Participation Sample Clauses

Employee Participation. The Employer will assist employees' participation in health promotion and health education programs. Health promotion and health education programs that have been endorsed by the Employer (Minnesota Management & Budget) will be considered to be non-assigned job-related training pursuant to Administrative Procedure 21. Approval for this training is at the discretion of the Appointing Authority and is contingent upon meeting staffing needs in the employee's absence and the availability of funds. Employees are eligible for release time, tuition reimbursement, or a pro rata combination of both. Employees may be reimbursed for up to one hundred (100) percent of tuition or registration costs upon successful completion of the program. Employees may be granted release time, including the travel time, in lieu of reimbursement.
Employee Participation. It is the intent of this program to insure broad exposure to employees, to develop interest by active participation of employees, to insure new ideas being presented to the Committee and to make certain that employees in all areas of an installation have an opportunity to be represented. At the same time, it is recognized that for the program to be effective, it is desirable to provide for a continuity in the committee work from year to year. Therefore, except for the Chairman and Secretary, the Committee members shall serve three-year terms and shall at the discretion of the Union be eligible to succeed themselves.
Employee Participation. Employees desiring to participate in other optional insurance programs currently authorized by the County may do so at their expense (pursuant to Section 1 of this article) on payroll withholding. Employees on a non-paid leave status must make their own arrangements with the Payroll Department to continue insurance benefits at their own expense, subject to the contract terms and conditions between the County and the insurance carriers.
Employee Participation. 1. The Parties recognize that valuable contributions can be made in regard to developing wage policies and in conducting wage surveys. When requested to do so by the Local Wage Survey Committee (LWSC), the Agency and the Union will select employees as data collectors on the basis of their qualifications, to assist in the collection of wage data.
Employee Participation. The parties recognise that they have a mutual interest in ensuring that health services are provided efficiently and effectively, and that each has a contribution to make in this regard.
Employee Participation. Any participation on a SIP Committee shall be voluntary unless it occurs during the regularly scheduled work day. The participation or lack of participation of an employee or group of employees on a SIP Committee shall not be noted or considered in the Employer’s employment decisions, including but not limited to evaluation, assignment, extra duty assignment, conference attendance, promotion, discipline or discharge of any employee.