Third Party Vendor definition

Third Party Vendor means any person or entity that provides SaaS, third party software and/or related intellectual property. “Work” means any additional work the Customer requests Singtel to perform in relation to the Service.
Third Party Vendor the entity which has developed and licenses the Products; for the purposes of this Agreement: [All QuestonCloud Products].
Third Party Vendor means a pre-approved external vendor, Rewards Retailer, Participating Grocery Retailer, Participating Fashion Retailer, Participating Lifestyle Retailer, Caltex or Redemption Retailer that provides services to us specifically for UCount Rewards.

Examples of Third Party Vendor in a sentence

  • Company reserves the right to alter the list of available Third Party Vendor Products at any time at its sole discretion.

  • The support for the System will be provided by Komatsu's support consultants (Support Consultant), Komatsu's technology advisors (Technology Advisor), and third party vendors (Third Party Vendor).

  • In the event that the SL 3 Support Request extends beyond 10 Business Days due to Third Party Vendor delays then Komatsu will update the Customer on the Support Request status weekly, or as any major change to the Support Request arises.

  • Subscriptions for the Product shall commence on the date such Product was ordered, as applicable, and shall remain in effect during the term specified during the ordering process, as indicated in the applicable Supplement, or as otherwise provided by the Third Party Vendor of such Product (the “Product Initial Term”).

  • If the outcome of SL 3 is that a component has failed or requires replacement then the Third Party Vendor and Technology Advisor will advise if the Warranty process is applicable for the Fault or if the Customer should be liable for the Fault.

More Definitions of Third Party Vendor

Third Party Vendor means a subscriber of MIAX PEARL’s market and other data feeds, which they in turn use for redistribution purposes.
Third Party Vendor. (or “outside vendor”) means:
Third Party Vendor means a preapproved external vendor, Rewards Retailer, Caltex or Redemption Retailer that provides services to us specifically for UCount Rewards for Business.
Third Party Vendor means an entity providing industry related goods or services, but does not include common utilities, for example, electric, water, phone or gas.
Third Party Vendor means a vendor (other than Microsoft) of subscription-based services.
Third Party Vendor means any vendor that performs services or functions for, or provides products or software to, SC and/or any SC Affiliate.
Third Party Vendor means any third party vendor providing Third Party Software (as defined in Section10 (k) of this Agreement) used in connection with any service provided by the Bank pursuant to this Agreement.