Upon mutual agreement Sample Clauses

Upon mutual agreement. Whenever Employer and Employee shall otherwise mutually agree to termination.
Upon mutual agreement. 7.1.4. At any time at the option of Employee.
Upon mutual agreement. This Agreement may be terminated at any time upon the mutual written agreement of the Parties.
Upon mutual agreement. Executive's employment and/or this Agreement shall terminate upon mutual agreement between Executive and the Company at any time.
Upon mutual agreement the Parties shall select a single arbitrator to hear the Grievance. If the Parties cannot agree on the choice of an arbitrator, either Party may request that the arbitrator be designated by the Minister of Labour, in conformity with the provisions of the Quebec Labour Code. 8.10.03 The Parties may agree to submit several Grievances of the same kind to the same arbitration. 8.10.04 Arbitrators hold the powers granted to them by the Labour Code. In rendering a decision with regard to the Grievance, the arbitrator cannot remove, add, amend or modify the collective agreement in any way. The arbitrator’s decision is enforceable and binding upon the University, the Union and the Employees, and comes into effect on the date stipulated by the arbitrator. If no date is stipulated, the decision shall come into effect on the date of judgment. 8.10.05 In disciplinary matters and administrative matters leading to the termination of employment, the arbitrator can: a) re-establish the Employee's rights, with full compensation; b) uphold the measure; c) render any other decision which is fair and just under the circumstances. 8.10.06 The arbitrator's fees and expenses shall be borne by the Parties on an equal basis. The University shall make reasonable efforts to hold the arbitration hearings on its premises, failing which the University shall assume the cost of the arbitration rooms. 8.10.07 The University shall provide leave without loss of pay to the griever, to any Employee called as a witness and to the Union representative during any hearing held by an arbitrator, provided that they are scheduled to work as Invigilators at the time of the hearing. ARTICLE 9
Upon mutual agreement. 7.1.4.From the period commencing six months following the date of commencement of employment, by not less than 90 days notice in writing by the Employer or Employee to the other.
Upon mutual agreement. 7.1.4 At any time at the option of Employee, including in the event of any default by Employer under the License.
Upon mutual agreement. 1.1.1. At any time at the option of Employee.

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  • By Mutual Agreement The parties may terminate Executive’s employment and this Agreement at any time by mutual agreement.

  • Mutual Agreement Nothing in this Agreement is intended to limit the Parties' ability to mutually agree upon taking a course of action different than that provided for herein; provided that doing so will not adversely affect any other Parties' rights under this Agreement.

  • Termination by Mutual Agreement This Agreement may be terminated at any time by mutual consent of the parties hereto, provided that such consent to terminate is in writing and is signed by each of the parties hereto.

  • Individual Agreement The Employer agrees not to enter into any agreement or contract with the employees covered by this Agreement individually or collectively which in any way conflicts with the terms and provisions of this Agreement.

  • Mutual Agreements No Nurse shall be required or permitted to make any written or verbal agreement with the Employer, its representatives or immediate management supervisors, which is contrary to the terms of this Collective Agreement. This will not prevent a Nurse from making a temporary arrangement with the Employer, its representatives or immediate supervisors, when such an arrangement does not affect other Nurses in the Bargaining Unit.

  • Individual Agreements No employee covered by this Collective Agreement will enter into any individual contract or agreement with the Company concerning wages or working conditions that will in any way conflict with the terms of the Agreement.

  • CONTRACTUAL AGREEMENT This Invitation for Bids shall be included and incorporated in the final contract or purchase order. The order of contract precedence will be the contract (purchase order), bid document, and response. Any and all legal actions associated with this Invitation for Bids and/or the resultant contract (purchase order) shall be governed by the laws of the State of Florida. Venue for any litigation involving this contract shall be the Ninth Circuit Court in and for Orange County, Florida.

  • Termination by Mutual Agreement of the Parties Executive’s employment with the Company may be terminated at any time upon a mutual agreement in writing of the Parties. Any such termination of employment shall have the consequences specified in such agreement.

  • MUTUAL AGREEMENT PROCEDURE 1. Where a person considers that the actions of one or both of the Contracting States result or will result for him in taxation not in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement, he may, irrespective of the remedies provided by the domestic law of those States, present his case to the competent authority of the Contracting State of which he is a resident or, if his case comes under paragraph 1 of Article 24, to that of the Contracting State of which he is a national. The case must be presented within three years from the first notification of the action resulting in taxation not in accordance with the provisions of the Agreement.

  • Complete Agreement; Modification of Agreement The Loan Documents constitute the complete agreement between the parties with respect to the subject matter thereof and may not be modified, altered or amended except as set forth in Section 11.2. Any letter of interest, commitment letter, fee letter or confidentiality agreement, if any, between any Credit Party and Agent or any Lender or any of their respective Affiliates, predating this Agreement and relating to a financing of substantially similar form, purpose or effect shall be superseded by this Agreement. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the GE Capital Fee Letter shall survive the execution and delivery of this Agreement and shall continue to be binding obligations of the parties.