Wellington Sample Clauses

Wellington in the normal course and wishes to buy a house nearer the place of work. Regard will be had to the move being in the interests of the Service and to the worker’s convenience.
Wellington. Notwithstanding any provision herein to the contrary: (a) each “Wellington Investor” (meaning an Investor that is an advisory or subadvisory client of Wellington Management Company, LLP, and any affiliated or successor investment advisor or subadvisor thereof to the Wellington Investors, or a transferee of Registrable Securities held by such an Investor) shall be deemed to be an Affiliate of each other Wellington Investor; and (b) an entity that is an Affiliate of a Wellington Investor shall not, solely by virtue thereof, be deemed to be an Affiliate of any other Wellington Investor unless such entity is a Wellington Investor (and, for the avoidance of doubt, an Affiliate of such entity shall not be deemed an Affiliate of any Wellington Investor solely by virtue of being an Affiliate of such entity).
Wellington. Norway Den norske Bank ASA, Oslo Verdipapirsentralen, The Norwegian Registry of Securities (VPS) Oman British Bank of the Middle Muscat Securities Market East, Muscat Pakistan Citibank, N. A., Karachi Central Depository Company of Pakistan (CDC) Standard Chartered Bank, Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx Xxxx XX, Xxxxxxx Xxxx Citibank, N.A., Lima Caja de Valores (CAVALI, S.A.) Philippines Hongkong & Shanghai Banking The Philippines Central Depository, Corp., Ltd., Manila Inc. Poland Bank Handlowy W. Warzawie, National Depository of S.A., Warsaw Securities Citibank Poland, S.A., Warsaw, a wholly-owned indirect subsidiary of Citibank, N.A. Portugal Banco Espirito Santo e Central de Valores Mobiliaros Commercial de Lisboa, S.A., Lisbon (Interbolsa) Bankco Comercial Portuges, Lisbon The Central Treasury Bills Registrar Romania ING Bank N.V., Bucharest National Company for Clearing, Settlement & Depository for Securities (SNCDD) Bucharest Stock Exchange (BSE) Russia Chase Manhattan Bank Rosvneshtorgbank (VTB) International, Moscow Credit Suisse First Boston AO, Moscow, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Credit Suisse First Boston Singapore Chase Manhattan Bank, Singapore Central Depository (Pte) Ltd. (CDP) Standard Chartered Bank, Singapore Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Limited, Singapore Slovak Republic Ceskoslovenska Obchodna, Stredisko Cennych Papierov Banka, A.S. (SCP) Bratislava ING Bank N.V., Bratislava Slovenia Banka Creditanstalt D.D., Central Klirnisko Depotna Ljubljana Xxxxxx x.x. (KDD) South Africa Standard Bank of South The Central Depository Limited Africa, Ltd., Johannesburg First National Bank of Southern Africa Ltd., Johannesburg South Korea Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Korean Securities Depository Corp., Ltd. Seoul (KSD) Standard Chartered Bank, Seoul Spain Chase Manhattan Bank C.M.B., Servicio de Compensacion y X.X. Xxxxxx Liquidacion de Valores (SCLV) Banco Santander S.A., Madrid Banco de Espana Sri Lanka Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Central Depository System Corp. Ltd., Colombo (Pvt) Limited (CDS) Swaziland Stanbic Bank Swaziland None Limited, Mbabane Sweden Skandinaviska Enskilda Vardepappercentralen, Banken, Stockholm The Swedish Central Securities Svenska Handelsbanken, Depository Stockholm Switzerland Union Bank of Switzerland, Schweizerische Effekten- Zurich Giro A.G. (SEGA) Taiwan Chase Manhattan Bank, Taipei Taiwan Securities Central Depository Co., Ltd. (TSCD) Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corp., Ltd. Taipei Thailand Chase Manhattan Bank, Bangkok Thailand...
Wellington. Revolving Credit Loans - In January 1995, Wellington amended its revolving credit, term loan, and equipment loan agreement with a bank. The agreement provides that Wellington may obtain revolving credit loans up to an aggregate amount of the lesser of $24,000,000 or certain percentages of accounts receivable and inventories through November 20, 1998, with an automatic renewal for one year. Substantially all machinery, inventory, and receivables of Wellington are pledged as collateral under such borrowing agreement. Wellington is also required to pay a commitment fee equal to 1/2 of 1% per annum on the unused portion of the revolving credit facility. The unused available line of credit at June 30, 1995 was approximately $4,770,000. Interest is payable at the current prime rate plus 1% (10% at June 30, 1995). At June 30, 1995 and 1994, Wellington had outstanding letters of credit of $400,000 and $350,000, respectively. Term Loan - The amended agreement provides for a term loan of $21,000,00 payable in monthly installments of $218,735 through November 1998, at which time the remaining unpaid balance is due. The term loan bears interest at the current prime rate plus 1% (10% at June 30, 1995). Equipment Loans - Through November 18, 1998, Wellington may borrow up to $5,000,000 to finance the purchase of equipment. The principal amount is payable in monthly installments of 1/96th of the loan balance from August 1995 through November 1998, when the remaining balance is due. The equipment loans bear interest at the current prime rate plus 1% (10% at June 30, 1995). Covenants and Restrictions - The amended revolving credit, term loan, and equipment loan agreement requires Wellington, among other things, to maintain certain financial ratios and specified levels of working capital and profitability, as defined. The agreement also restricts Wellington's ability to incur debt, buy or sell assets, pay dividends, transfer assets to its parent company for payment or settlement of debt, and issue or repurchase capital stock. At June 30, 1995, Wellington did not have available funds for distribution (equity of $29,722,000) to its shareholder. At certain times during the years ended June 30, 1995 and 1994, Wellington was not in compliance with either its cash flow coverage ratio covenant or debt coverage ratio covenant. These events of noncompliance were waived by the lending institution in waivers dated September 27, 1994, November 21, 1994, and April 21, 1995. Amounts Due ...
Wellington. Ministry of Health.
Wellington. Management may retain copies of such records. Wellington Management also agrees, upon request of the Series, promptly to surrender such books and records or, at its expense, copies thereof, to the Series or to make such books and records available for audit or inspection by representatives of regulatory authorities, or other persons reasonably designated by the Series. Wellington Management further agrees to maintain, prepare and preserve such books and records in accordance with the 1940 Act and rules thereunder, including but not limited to Section 31 and Rules 31a-1 and 31a-2, to the extent such records are not maintained by the custodian, transfer agent or JHMLICO, and to supply all information requested by any securities and insurance regulatory authorities to determine whether all securities and insurance laws and regulations are being complied with. Wellington Management shall supply the Board of Trustees and officers of the Series and JHMLICO with all statistical information regarding investments which is reasonably required by them and reasonably available to Wellington Management. Wellington Management shall not disclose or use any records or information obtained pursuant hereto in any manner whatsoever except as expressly authorized herein, and will keep confidential any information obtained pursuant hereto, and disclose such information only if the Series has authorized such disclosure, or if such disclosure is expressly required by applicable federal or state regulatory authorities.
Wellington. Studios shall indemnify the Hirer against claims for death and personal injury arising pursuant to performance of this Agreement, arising from the negligence of Wellington Studios.
Wellington. The countries that decide the fate of Antarctica’s waters reached an historic agreement yesterday to create the world’s largest marine protected area in the ocean next to the frozen continent. The agreement comes after years of diplomatic wrangling and high- level talks between the US and Russia, which has rejected the idea in the past. Proponents of the reserve say it sets a precedent for multiple coun- tries working together to protect a large swath of ocean, which falls outside any single nation’s jurisdiction. The agreement covers an area about twice the size of Texas in the Xxxx Sea. The deal was clinched after 24 countries and the European Union met in Hobart, Australia, this week. Decisions on Antarctic fishing require a consensus among the 25 members, a hurdle which has confounded past efforts. The US and New Zealand have been pushing for a marine reserve for years. They first submit- xxx a joint proposal in 2012, but it was rejected five times before Friday’s agreement. Ukraine, China and Russia had expressed concerns in the past, with Russia becoming the final holdout before the deal was made. The marine protected area covers 1.6 million square kilometers. There will be a blanket ban on comes after years of diplomatic wrangling commercial fishing across about three-quarters of that area. In the remaining ocean zones, some commercial fishing will be allowed. A small In this Jan 26, 2015 photo, pieces of thawing ice are scattered along the beach shore at Punta Xxxxx, Xxxxxxxxxx Island, in the Antarctica. — AP amount of fishing for research purposes will be allowed throughout the protected area. Several countries fish in the waters surrounding Antarctica for lucrative toothfish, which are often marketed in North America as Chilean sea bass. ‘Win for marine conservation’ Xxxx Xxxxx, who led the US delegation in Hobart, said that US Secretary of State Xxxx Xxxxx has been a passionate advocate for the reserve and has been pushing for it in high-level talks with Russian leaders, including President Xxxxxxxx Xxxxx. Xxxxx said he was “thrilled” with the result. “We’ve been working on this for so many years and had so many disappointments trying to get here,” he said. “This is a real win for marine conservation.” In a statement, Xxxxx said the agreement “will safeguard one of the last unspoiled ocean wilderness areas on the planet - home to unpar- alleled marine biodiversity and thriving commu- nities of penguins, seals, whales, seabirds, and fish.” New Ze...
Wellington. My dear Senator, This is to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of to-day’s date in which you refer to the importation into New Zealand of sultanas and lexias, and to the undertaking given by the Commonwealth Government in consideration of our imposing a duty of one xxxxx per lb. on foreign imports of these goods. I have to advise you that the New Zealand Government concurs in the arrangement set out in your letter. Yours truly, (Signed) X. X. XXXXXX. [Copy.] Office of the Minister of Customs, Wellington, New Zealand, 6th April, 1933. This is a memorandum to confirm the arrangement agreed upon with respect to the duty of one xxxxx per pound on raisins of foreign origin as set out in Schedule B. to the Agreement initialled to-day on behalf of His Majesty’s Government in Australia and His Majesty’s Government in New Zealand. It is understood that with respect to seeded raisins the duty will he maintained for a period of at least twelve months and that New Zealand may then remove it without further notice if the New Zealand Government are not satisfied that the seeded raisins supplied by Australia for consumption in Now Zealand meet the reasonable requirements of the New Zealand market. (Signed) W. XXXXX XXXXXX, Leader of the Australian Trade Delegation. (Signed) X. X. XXXXXX, Minister of Finance and Customs, New Zealand. [Copy.] Dominion of New Zealand, Minister’s Office, Customs Department, Wellington, 6th April, 1933. Senator the Xxx. X. Massy Greene, Wellington, My dear Senator, Dried Tree-fruits. Following on our discussions with reference to the rate of customs duty to be levied on the importation into New Zealand of dried tree-fruits from Australia, I have on behalf of the Government of New Zealand to inform you that the Government undertake that, in the event of the Tariff Agreement of to-day’s date being duly approved by the Parliaments of Australia and New Zealand and brought into force, they will take steps to ensure that such dried fruits, being the produce of Australia and imported into New Zealand on or after the 1st January, 1934, will be admitted into New Zealand at a rate of duty not exceeding the rate lexied on similar fruit being the produce of any other country. Yours truly,
Wellington. Company Residence (State) Vendor's principal place of business is in the state of? FL