Group Member Sample Clauses

Group Member. Each entity that is a member of the Group.
Group Member. See Section 3.5a. ------------
Group Member. See Section 3.5a.
Group Member. Except as Disclosed, none of the Group Members is a party to or bound by any license or other agreement requiring the payment by any Group Member of any royalty payment.
Group Member. See Section 3.
Group Member. The number of processors µi in group i is not necessary to be equal for every group but can be different from each other, and µ1+ µ2+……µg = n where 1≤µi≤n.
Group Member. Subcommittee Member, please.
Group Member. Each Group member has in relation to its employees, complied with any notice or recommendation of the Health and Safety Executive. There are no employees of any Group member who are currently the beneficiaries of long-term permanent health insurance or being considered for such health insurance.
Group Member. In the case of a transfer pursuant to and in compliance with this Section 4.6, the transferee or successor (as the case may be) shall, subject to compliance with the terms of Section 10.3, be admitted to the Partnership as the General Partner immediately prior to the transfer of the General Partner Interest, and the business of the Partnership shall continue without dissolution.