Transfer Agent Sample Clauses

Transfer Agent. The Trustees may in their discretion from time to time enter into a transfer agency and shareholder service contract whereby the other party to such contract shall undertake to furnish transfer agency and shareholder services to the Trust. The contract shall have such terms and conditions as the Trustees may in their discretion determine not inconsistent with the Declaration. Such services may be provided by one or more Persons.
Transfer Agent. Upon effectiveness of the Registration Statement, and for so long as the Registration Statement is effective, the Company shall deliver instructions to its transfer agent to issue Shares to the Investor that are covered for resale by the Registration Statement free of restrictive legends.
Transfer Agent any of its affiliates or subsidiaries, and any stockholder, director, officer or employee of the Transfer Agent may buy, sell or deal in the securities of the Fund or become pecuniarily interested in any transaction in which the Fund may be interested, or contract with or lend money to the Fund or otherwise act as fully and freely as though it were not appointed as agent under this Agreement. Nothing herein shall preclude the Transfer Agent from acting in any other capacity for the Fund or for any other legal entity.