Special Situations Sample Clauses

Special Situations. The parties recognize that under certain circumstances a Change in Control may occur under conditions which make it inappropriate for Employee to receive the termination benefits or protection set forth in this Agreement. Therefore, in the event that a Change in Control occurs for any one of the following reasons, the provisions of Sections 2, 6 and 9 shall not apply:
Special Situations. Situations may occur in certain courses where students are presented with the opportunity to participate in projects or activities in which the ownership of any resulting intellectual property must be assigned either to the University or to a sponsoring entity (such as a company) as a condition of the student’s participation. Students are never obligated to participate in activities that require the assignment of the student’s intellectual property to the University or to another entity. In these situations students will always be presented with an option of an alternative activity to participate in that does not require the student to assign their intellectual property to another entity.
Special Situations. 1. If the employee is unable to participate in pay discussions due to the employee’s absence, the discussion takes place before or immediately after the absence if the amount of the pay discussion increase is known at this time and the pay dis- cussion can otherwise be conducted. If it is not possible to conduct a pay dis- cussion in the manner specified hereinabove, the pay discussion is conducted by using the electronic communication tools commonly used for conducting ne- gotiations in the company. This requires that genuine interaction, a personal ap- proach and confidential nature are ensured. If it is not possible to conduct dis- cussions in this manner, the pay discussion takes place immediately after the absence ends. In case of a long family leave or sick leave, where the employee has not worked during the entire pay discussion period, the employee is guaranteed at least the average percentual pay increase. The salaries of the employees referred to in this section are taken into account in the pay sum of the pay discussion element, even if salary payment takes place later in connection with returning to work. This means that said employees are also included in the pay sum comparison with identical personnel.
Special Situations. 26.1 In addition to its indemnity obligations under Section 11.1.7, if Seller performs any work on Buyer’s or Buyer’s customer’s premises or utilizes the property of Buyer or Buyer’s customer, whether on or off Buyer’s or Buyer’s customer’s premises, (i) Seller will examine the premises to determine whether they are safe for the requested services and will advise Buyer promptly of any situation it deems to be unsafe; (ii) Seller’s employees, subcontractors, and agents will comply with all regulations that apply to the premises and may be removed from Buyer’s premises at Buyer’s discretion; and (iii) Seller’s employees, contractors, and agents will not possess, use, sell, transfer or be under the influence of alcohol or unauthorized, illegal, or controlled drugs or substances on the premises.
Special Situations. Prometheus shall obtain the prior written consent of CSMC to any proposed transfer of Technical Information to or other license agreement of any Patent Rights to GenoMed Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and any other entity for which special notice is provided by CSMC to Prometheus.
Special Situations. Notwithstanding the provisions of the established seniority procedure, the Union and Management may, in special situations, work out by negotiation, individual cases where the Union and Management agree that such special situations exist.
Special Situations. Unless otherwise specified, all covered services shall be subject to the applicable cost sharing provisions as described in the Benefits section(s).
Special Situations. 1. Courses with 75% or greater reduced seat-time:
Special Situations. 8.4.1 Teacher initiated regrouping for instructional purposes may exceed maximum class size for a portion of the day.
Special Situations. Seller will assist Buyer with respect to services for special situations involving a large volume of similar repairs or upgrades (such Product recalls or reworks), subject to the Partieswritten agreement regarding the terms, conditions, and pricing, if any, for these services.