Prudential Sample Clauses

Prudential. Bache Securities Inc. ("Prudential-Bache"), a registered broker-dealer, (ii) The Prudential Insurance Company of America ("Prudential"), (iii) Pruco Securities Corporation, a registered broker-dealer, (iv) any Prudential-Bache or Prudential subsidiary or affiliate duly registered as a broker-dealer and/or a transfer agent pursuant to the 1934 Act or (vi) any other Prudential-Bache or Prudential affiliate or subsidiary; provided, however, that PMFS shall be as fully responsible to the Fund for the acts and omissions of any agent or subcontractor as it is for its own acts and omissions.
Prudential will promptly notify each Participant, and each Beneficiary of a deceased Participant whose Account has not been cancelled, that the request has been received. Each notified person may elect, within 30 days following his receipt of the notice from Prudential, to have his Account cancelled and included in the transfer payment to be made but only under the conditions permitted by the Plan, if any. Each person who does not make this election will have his Account retained under this contract pursuant to its terms. All Accounts of Participants and Beneficiaries who make the election will be cancelled as of the Transfer Date and an amount equal to the sum of the Withdrawal Values, expressed in Units of the cancelled Accounts, times the Unit Value for the day of withdrawal will be transferred within seven days thereafter. Instead of making the transfer payment in cash, Prudential may make all or a part of it in the form of securities representing a uniform percentage of each holding of the separate investment account described in section 2.1. GVA-120-87 (10/11) Serial 320 3.4 The Contract-Holder may notify Prudential that this section 3.4(b) is to be inoperative. This section may be changed as provided in section 5.1.
Prudential. Bache FlexiFund One Seaport Plaza New York, NY 10292 Attention: President To PMFS: Prudential Mutual Fund Services, Inc. Raritan Plaza I Edison, NJ 08818 Attention: President
Prudential and Jackson shall establish a separation committee to review and assist in the implementation of this Agreement after Completion, to consider any additional issues arising from the implementation of the Demerger and to determine any disputes which may arise between members of the Prudential Group and of the Jackson Group (“Separation Committee”).
Prudential billing and settlement issues are governed by rules 6.7 and 6.8 of former Chapter 6 and any applicable regulatory instruments (rather than Parts J and K of current Chapter 6).
Prudential and Jackson shall each act in good faith to procure the due performance of the obligations of the members of their respective Groups under any agreements entered into or to be entered into by them in connection with the Demerger.