Technical Services Sample Clauses

Technical Services. Party B will provide technical services and training to Party A, taking advantage of Party B’s advanced network, website and multimedia technologies to improve Party A’s system integration. Such technical services shall include:
Technical Services. Subject to Section 6.2, in exchange for the Technical Services Fee, the Manager shall provide to the Company the Technical Services in this Section 3 at the Manager’s own cost.
Technical Services as outlined in Exhibit “A”, are to be billed in the manner described in Section 8 of this Agreement with the total cost not to exceed the amounts above without MERA’s prior written approval. A written report must be provided to MERA explaining the cost and purpose of each proposed study. Should any consultants be required after $50,000 has been spent in any fiscal year, the County will request that MERA make supplemental appropriations, with MERA having the sole discretion to decide whether to purchase such additional service or not as the Governing Board or its designee deems appropriate. The County will not be obliged to deliver the Technical Services for which approval was requested if MERA withholds its approval.
Technical Services. Subject to Section 9.2, the Manager shall, at its own expense, provide to the Company the services described in this Section 3 (collectively, the “Technical Services”).
Technical Services. Siebel will provide technical services, subject to availability, in accordance with Siebel's Technical Services schedule in effect at the time such services are ordered (available upon request).
Technical Services. To the extent requested by the members of the Company Group, Provider shall provide, or shall cause to be provided, the following Technical Services to the Company Group, together with such other similar services as may be agreed upon by Provider and the Company from time to time:
Technical Services. During the period commencing after the Distribution Date and ending on the third anniversary thereof (and for successive periods of three years provided that Spinco notifies the Company in writing, no less than six months nor more than nine months prior to the end of the three-year period in question, of Spinco's intention to continue seeking the services set forth in this Section 6.7(d) during the following three-year period), and subject to existing commitments, obligations and availability, and upon reasonable notice, Parent and its Subsidiaries shall use their reasonable efforts to make available to Spinco and the Spinco Companies those personnel and facilities reasonably designated by Parent or the Company to provide such research and development, technological and technical consulting and support services and other similar consulting and support services (such services, the "Technical Services"), to the extent reasonably requested by Spinco or the Spinco Companies from time to time. The Technical Services shall be provided at a cost calculated in accordance with the "fully-allocated" cost (which shall include all direct and indirect expenses of Parent or the Company or any of their respective Subsidiaries or any other entity which is providing the Technical Services in question, and which shall be allocated in a manner consistent with the Parent's or the Company's past practices (as the case may be) with respect to the allocation of costs to its Subsidiaries. Following the end of the calendar month in which any such Technical Services are performed, the Company shall provide to Spinco or the Spinco Subsidiary in question an invoice (the "Technical Services Invoice") setting forth in summary detail the Technical Services which were provided during such calendar month and the appropriate cost thereof. Spinco or the Spinco Subsidiary in question shall pay to the Company in cash in a reasonably prompt manner following the delivery by the Company of a Technical Services Invoice, the amounts due with respect to the Technical Services reflected on such Technical Services Invoice. The parties hereto acknowledge and agree that (x) the specific terms and conditions of the Technical Services to be provided hereunder (to the extent not otherwise specified and to the extent not inconsistent with the provisions of this Section 6.7(d)) shall be on terms and conditions similar to those terms and conditions which may from time to time be extended generally by or to P...
Technical Services. The Manager shall provide for all technical management services necessary for the operation of each Vessel, which include, but are not limited to, the following functions: