The Technical Sample Clauses

The Technical. Oversight Group may establish small project or working groups, resourced as necessary, to progress particular aspects of its work. Representatives of organisations who have a recognised interest in the planning or management of the SAMM measures but are not Technical Oversight Group members may be invited to join such groups.
The Technical. Data Package The Technical Data Package (TDP) shall consist of the Contractor’s Product Baseline documentation. The TDP shall be a complete design disclosure. In the event that the TDP CDRL option is exercised, the TDP shall be sufficient for competitive reprocurement and repair of the MIDS Terminals, LRUs and SRUs (CDRL A006). (CLIN 1001)
The Technical. Oversight Group, reviewing regular advice from the Delivery Body in relation to the appropriate and realistic timing of Project Deliverables, will be responsible for determining the correct apportioning between spending and investment of the SAMM Contributions, in line with the Programme of Investment and Project Deliverables (as outlined in Schedule 1). In the case of disagreement, Natural England, as a neutral party, would be requested to intervene to mediate the deliberations and propose a resolution for decision by the group. If a decision cannot be reached, this will be escalated, in line with the measures set out in Section 15.
The Technical. Working Group will compile a guide on the principles for calculating energy savings in relation to an increase in production volume and/or new facilities as well as for determining the standard of the day. 10.6.5 The areas/technologies for which energy savings that result from an increase in production volume are not included appear from appendix 3, which is updated on an annual basis by the Technical Working Group. The current list in appendix 3 is available from the Danish Energy Agency’s website [link]. The principle for designating an area or technology as being covered by appendix 3 is one or both of the following elements:  Technological development does not directly enable a change to similar component/solution but will, all things being equal, increase the production per energy unit (for example lumen, bits et cetera) and as such yield a growth in production volume.  The development of the component’s/solution’s energy efficiency per produced unit is not dependent on the energy consumption of the component/solution (for example more horsepower, RAM et cetera of a component that increases the energy efficiency even though the energy consumption of the component/solution is, all in all, not reduced).
The Technical. Assessment Commission shall assess the work done by Scientific Directors, Assistant Directors, where applicable, and by the Managing Director and Programme coordinators.
The Technical. Director shall be responsible for managing the project, constructing the works and operating the facilities.

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  • Technical 15 - Foreign Affairs Training for professional skills of a specialized nature in the methods and techniques of such fields as foreign languages, foreign culture, intelligence (foreign affairs/intelligence), diplomacy, or strategic studies. Technical

  • Licensed Technology The Services listed above and Novati’s process technology, including recipes and steps, used in the performance of services shall be provided and licensed to Customer under the terms, conditions and limitations of the Master Services Agreement, which shall override and supersede any terms and conditions in any customer provided documents. ***Confidential Treatment Requested AMENDMENT 11 This Amendment 11, (“Amendment”), dated April 29, 2013 (“Effective Date”) is to the Master Services Agreement dated March 2, 2009 (“Agreement”) between Novati Technologies, Inc. (“Novati”), and BioNano Genomics (“Customer”). The Agreement mandates that all changes must be in a writing signed by the parties. Except as provided below, all the provisions of the Agreement shall remain in effect and apply to the amended language. Accordingly, the parties agree to the following:

  • Technical Data For the purpose of this Agreement, "TECHNICAL DATA" shall mean all information of the Company in written, graphic or tangible form relating to any and all products which are developed, formulated and/or manufactured by the Company, as such information exists as of the Effective Date or is developed by the Company during the term hereof.

  • Technical Information The Employer agrees to provide to the Union such information that is available relating to employees in the bargaining unit, as may be required by the Union for collective bargaining purposes.

  • Use of Technology Participants are subject to all existing laws (federal and state) and University regulations and policies on use of technology, including not only those laws and regulations that are specific to computers and networks, but also those that may apply generally to personal conduct such as: • UC Electronic Communications Policy: xxxx:// • UCLA E-mail Policy and Guidelines: xxxx:// • IT Services Acceptable Use Policy: xxxx:// • The UC Policy on Copyright Ownership: xxxx:// • Bruin OnLine Service Level Agreement: xxxx:// Any violation may result in technology related privileges being restricted or revoked and may also result in The University undertaking disciplinary action. If the violation constitutes a criminal offense, appropriate legal action may be taken.

  • Licensed Software Computer program(s) provided by Contractor in connection with the Deliverables, subject to Section 14 of this Contract.

  • New Technology The parties agree that with the introduction of new techniques and technologies, it is important that advance planning be made to anticipate skills, needs and training required. It is agreed that the workers affected by the introduction of new technologies should have every opportunity to apply themselves to the new skills and the new technology. The Company will assume that cost of on-the-job training to afford Bargaining Unit employees (who have the basic knowledge and ability to be trained) the opportunity to keep current with new methods, tool, machines and new technology affecting their work and job security. The Company will notify the Union in advance of any introduction in new technology and will notify the Union in advance of the introduction of new techniques so as to give the affected Bargaining Unit employee (who has the basic knowledge and ability to be trained) the opportunity to become acquainted with the new skill needs so that he will be available to perform the work when needed. Senior employees who have the basic knowledge and ability to be trained will be given preference under this clause according to appropriate shift representation. COMMITTEE ON NEW TECHNOLOGY There shall be established a committee of four, two from the Company and two from the Union to deal with the whole question of New Technology, the introduction of new techniques, and the introduction of new techniques through automated equipment. The Committee will be responsible for investigating and examining all issues related to the introduction of such equipment and its impact on the affected employees. The Committee shall make recommendations to the Company for implementation, concerning the use of affected employees in the area of the training as it relates to new technology. The Company members of the Committee shall be two representatives from the Manufacturing Engineering Department. It is understood that the Committee will meet at least once every month unless otherwise agreed to.

  • Indirect Materials An indirect material shall be treated as an originating material without regard to where it is produced and its value shall be the cost registered in the accounting records of the producer of the good.

  • Product Technical Support & Maintenance Licensee shall have the option of electing the Product technical support and maintenance (“maintenance”) set forth in the Contract by giving written notice to Contractor any time during the Centralized Contract term. Maintenance term(s) and any renewal(s) thereof are independent of the expiration of the Centralized Contract term and will not automatically renew. Maintenance shall include, at a minimum, (i) the provision of error corrections, updates, revisions, fixes, upgrade and new releases to Licensee, and (ii) Help Desk assistance with locally accessible “800” or toll free, local telephone service, or alternatively on-line Help Desk accessibility. Contractor shall maintain the Products so as to provide Licensee with the ability to utilize the Products in accordance with the Product documentation without significant functional downtime to its ongoing business operations during the maintenance term. Authorized User shall not be required to purchase maintenance for use of Product, and may discontinue maintenance at the end of any current maintenance term upon notice to Contractor. In the event that Authorized User does not initially acquire or discontinues maintenance of licensed Product, it may, at any time thereafter, reinstate maintenance for Product without any additional penalties or other charges, by paying Contractor the amount which would have been due under the Contract for the period of time that such maintenance had lapsed, at then current NYS net maintenance rates.