The Technical Sample Clauses

The Technical. Oversight Group may establish small project or working groups, resourced as necessary, to progress particular aspects of its work. Representatives of organisations who have a recognised interest in the planning or management of the SAMM measures but are not Technical Oversight Group members may be invited to join such groups.
The Technical. Director shall be responsible for managing the project, constructing the works and operating the facilities.

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  • Licensed Technology The Services listed above and Novati’s process technology, including recipes and steps, used in the performance of services shall be provided and licensed to Customer under the terms, conditions and limitations of the Master Services Agreement, which shall override and supersede any terms and conditions in any customer provided documents. ***Confidential Treatment Requested AMENDMENT 19 This Amendment 19, (“Amendment”), dated July 25 2016 (“Effective Date”) is to the Master Services Agreement dated March 2, 2009 (“Agreement”) between Novati Technologies, Inc. (“Novati”), and BioNano Genomics (“Customer”). The Agreement mandates that all changes must be in a writing signed by the parties. Except as provided below, all the provisions of the Agreement shall remain in effect and apply to the amended language. Accordingly, the parties agree to the following:

  • Technical Data For the purpose of this Agreement, "TECHNICAL DATA" shall mean all information of the Company in written, graphic or tangible form relating to any and all products which are developed, formulated and/or manufactured by the Company, as such information exists as of the Effective Date or is developed by the Company during the term hereof.

  • Technical Information The Employer agrees to provide to the Union such information that is available relating to employees in the bargaining unit, as may be required by the Union for collective bargaining purposes.

  • Background Technology List here prior contracts to assign Inventions that are now in existence between any other person or entity and you. ☐ List here previous Inventions which you desire to have specifically excluded from the operation of this Agreement. Continue on reverse side if necessary.

  • Licensed Software Computer program(s) provided by Contractor in connection with the Deliverables, subject to Section 14 of this Contract.

  • New Technology The Company and the Union agree that it is to their mutual benefit and sound economic and social goals to utilize the most efficient machines, processes, systems, methods and/or materials. In this way, the Company will be able to compete effectively in the marketplace. In order that employees can better prepare themselves for the skill requirements of the future and in its fulfillment of its obligation to provide information to the Union, the Company will provide notification to the Union full-time Business Representative or his designee of the Company's plans for the introduction of new technology which may affect the employees. This notification will inform the Union of anticipated schedules of introduction of new technology, and will identify areas of skill impacts and any training programs, which may be associated with those impacts. The Union and its representatives will protect the confidentiality of Company sensitive and proprietary information disclosed in the notification. The Company will provide employees in the affected classification(s) in the bargaining unit the opportunity to volunteer for the training. If in its sole discretion the Company decides to provide training, the most senior employee in the applicable classification who volunteers will be selected for training.

  • Indirect Materials Indirect materials shall be, without regard to where they are produced, considered to be originating materials of a Party where the good is produced.

  • Product Technical Support & Maintenance Licensee shall have the option of electing the Product technical support and maintenance (“maintenance”) set forth in the Contract by giving written notice to Contractor any time during the Centralized Contract term. Maintenance term(s) and any renewal(s) thereof are independent of the expiration of the Centralized Contract term and will not automatically renew. Maintenance shall include, at a minimum, (i) the provision of error corrections, updates, revisions, fixes, upgrade and new releases to Licensee, and (ii) Help Desk assistance with locally accessible “800” or toll free, local telephone service, or alternatively on-line Help Desk accessibility. Contractor shall maintain the Products so as to provide Licensee with the ability to utilize the Products in accordance with the Product documentation without significant functional downtime to its ongoing business operations during the maintenance term. Authorized User shall not be required to purchase maintenance for use of Product, and may discontinue maintenance at the end of any current maintenance term upon notice to Contractor. In the event that Authorized User does not initially acquire or discontinues maintenance of licensed Product, it may, at any time thereafter, reinstate maintenance for Product without any additional penalties or other charges, by paying Contractor the amount which would have been due under the Contract for the period of time that such maintenance had lapsed, at then current NYS net maintenance rates.

  • Design At no cost to SCE, Seller shall be responsible for: