Project Manager Sample Clauses

Project Manager. The COUNTY will designate a COUNTY staff member to act as COUNTY’s Project Manager. It is agreed to by the parties that the COUNTY’s Project Manager will decide all questions, difficulties, or disputes, of whatever nature, which may arise relative to the interpretation of the plans, construction, prosecution and fulfillment of the Scope of Services, and as to the character, quality, amount and value of any work done, and materials furnished, under or by reason of this Agreement. The COUNTY’s Project Manager may appoint representatives as desired that will be authorized to inspect all work done and all materials furnished.
Project Manager. The term “Project Manager” refers to the employee of the State who has been assigned responsibility for overseeing and managing the proper and timely implementation of the project.
Project Manager. The Project Manager is responsible for the overall management of the Project. The scope of work, specifications, incentive requirements and other information necessary to define the work have been prepared by the Project Manager or Architect/Engineer working as a subcontractor for the Project Manager. The Project Manager shall visit, inspect and observe the construction to determine general compliance with the Contract Documents, and interpret the scope and Specifications consistent with their intent. The Project Manager shall evaluate the samples and other submittals required in the technical Specifications, and maintain an up-to-date log of all such items processed. The Project Manager will consult with the District, Contractor, and any state, county or city agency having jurisdiction over the work whenever necessary to further the best interests of the Project.
Project Manager. Promptly after the execution of this Agreement, but --------------- in no event later than sixty days after such execution, Retailer, at its expense, shall hire or reassign one of its existing employees, to act as Project Manager to work exclusively with GSI in creating and maintaining the Retailer's Web Site. Commencing with the Project Manager's hiring and continuing through the Term, as may be extended, the Project Manager shall be the Retailer's liaison with GSI and shall be responsible for supplying GSI with the Retailer Content and such other information as may reasonably be required of the Retailer in order to create and maintain the Retailer's Web Site in the most efficient manner.
Project Manager. The County shall appoint a project manager to act as liaison between the County and the Contractor during the term of this Contract. The County’s project manager shall coordinate the activities of the County staff assigned to work with the Contractor. The County’s project manager shall have the right to require the removal and replacement of the Contractor’s Account Manager from providing services to County under this Contract. The County’s Project Manager shall notify the Contractor in writing of such request for removal of Contractor’s Account Manager. The Contractor shall accomplish the removal within one (1) day after written notice by the County’s project manager. The County’s project manager shall review and approve the appointment of the replacement for the Contractor’s Account Manager. The County is not required to provide any additional information, reason or rationale for the request for removal of Contractor’s Account Manager from providing services to County under this Contract.