Technical Documentation Sample Clauses

Technical Documentation. Prior to commencement of the Tests on Completion, the Contractor shall supply to the Engineer the technical documentation as specified in the Employer’s Requirements. The Works or Section shall not be considered to be completed for the purposes of taking- over under sub-clause 10.1 [Taking Over of the Works and Sections] until the Engineer has received the technical documentation as defined in this sub-clause 5.7, the "history file" including design calculations and certain certification as well as any other documents required to meet the CE Marking requirements.
Technical Documentation. It shall be sufficient for manufacturers, their authorised representatives or the person responsible for placing products on the market to hold the technical documents required by the national authorities for inspection purposes at their disposal in the territory of one of the Parties for a period of at least ten years after the last date of manufacture of the product. The Parties hereby undertake to forward all relevant documents at the request of the authorities of the other Party.
Technical Documentation. Timely performance by GENTECH is contingent upon Buyer’s supplying to GENTECH, when needed, all required technical information, including, without limitation, drawing approval and all required commercial documentation. Any technical documentation, drawings, brochures or catalogs provided to Buyer by GENTECH are intended for guidance only and are not binding unless expressly stated otherwise. GENTECH reserves all rights in all such documentation. Without GENTECH’s prior written consent, any such documentation shall not be: (a) disclosed, in whole or in part, to any other Person; (b) used for any purpose other than those for which they have been provided to Buyer; or (c) used for the manufacture of any duplicate or similar Equipment or parts by Buyer or any other Person.
Technical Documentation. Subject to the terms of this Agreement, BROCADE hereby grants to McDATA a nonexclusive, nontransferable, worldwide license to reproduce and use BROCADE's technical documentation provided to McDATA by BROCADE hereunder, solely for McDATA's internal purposes in connection with the manufacture, marketing and support of the McDATA Products into which the Products are incorporated as set forth herein. Modifications to such technical documentation by McDATA shall require BROCADE's prior written authorization, which authorization will not be unreasonably withheld.
Technical Documentation. The Purchaser shall timely provide current technical documentation (e.g. drawings, descriptions, charts and instructions) in its possession, which is relevant for carrying out the Services and shall ensure that such technical documentation is complete and accurate in all material aspects.
Technical Documentation. 23.1.1 The Service Provider must provide Health with up to date technical and operator Documentation containing sufficient information to enable Health to make full use of the Register at all times and to exercise its rights under this Services Agreement. The Documentation must be provided in accordance with the Statement of Requirement.
Technical Documentation. Dell will provide Online Technical Service Manuals. The Self Maintainer agrees to update all Technical Service Manuals as Dell provides updated information.
Technical Documentation. The Purchaser shall timely provide current technical documentation (e.g. drawings, descriptions, charts and instructions) in its possession, which is relevant for carrying out the Services. The Supplier may not use such documentation for any other purpose than to fulfil the Contract.
Technical Documentation. 1. All required drawings and other documents, blueprints, sketches and technical descriptions, made available by the Customer to the Supplier in connection with executing the subject of the Agreement, shall remain Customer’s property and must not be transferred by the Supplier to another third party without Customer’s advance notice of express consent. Should, for any reason, the subject of the relevant Agreement fail to be executed, the Supplier shall undertake to, duly and in accordance with the protocol, return all technical documents and data to the Customer.
Technical Documentation. As they become available and not later than the dates in the delivery plan, the Contractor shall submit for the Agency's approval Technical Notes, Task/WP Reports, etc. Technical documentation to be discussed at a meeting with the Agency shall be submitted electronically two weeks prior to the meeting. Technical documents from Sub-contractors shall be submitted to the Agency only after review and acceptance by the Contractor and shall be passed to the Agency via the Contractor’s formal interface to the Agency.