The Architect definition

The Architect means the individual or firm or company selected and engaged for undertaking the project as PPA cum PMC and shall include legal personal representative of individual or the composing the firm or company and the permitted assignees of individual or firms of company.
The Architect means any registered architect as may be appointed by the Seller from time to time;
The Architect means: the architect nominated and appointed by the contractor from time to time, but for the purposes of this agreement shall be deemed to include the project manager.

Examples of The Architect in a sentence

  • The Architect shall also ensure that its consultants on the Project also comply with the requirements of Section 45125.1. To this end, the Architect and its consultants must provide for the completion of the certification form attached hereto as Exhibit “3” and incorporated herein by reference prior to any of the Architect’s employees, or those of any other consultants, coming into contact with the District’s pupils.

  • The Architect shall have the authority to act on behalf of District only to the extent expressly provided in this Construction Services Agreement.

  • The Architect will review and approve Shop Drawings, product data, samples, etc., for aesthetics and for conformance with the design concept of the Work and the information in the Contract Documents.

  • The Architect may agree to allow submission of single buildings or areas as long as the Submittals are complete.

  • The Architect (and CM) will review the Dispute and take one or more of the following preliminary actions upon receipt of a Dispute: (1) request additional supporting data from the claimant; (2) submit a schedule to the parties indicating when the Architect expects to take action; (3) reject the Dispute in whole or in part, stating reasons for rejection; (4) recommend‌ approval of the Dispute; or (5) suggest a compromise.

More Definitions of The Architect

The Architect means the consultant appointed by Zonal Manager, Bank Of India Ltd; who shall direct, supervise and be in charge of works. M/s J J Associates, # 61 / No. 52/3147, 1st Floor, Bank Road, Vyttila, Cochin-19.Note: The Employer, The Architect are mentioned in the agreement and shall include their legal representatives, assigners or successors. They are treated throughout the Contract document as if each were of the singular number and masculine gender.
The Architect means the architect appointed for the Development by the Builder;
The Architect means Distil Architecture Proprietary Limited or another independent professional architect or project manager or developer’s representative as may be nominated by the seller;
The Architect means the Architect appointed by the Developer or its nominee and/or assignee following the entering into of the Agreement referred to in Clause 10 of the Schedule of Particulars;
The Architect means the ARCHITECT or draughtsman appointed to ACT as such from time to time by the SELLER in respect of the DEVELOPMENT SCHEME and includes any member of his firm;
The Architect. Anekstein Architects & Urban Designers or whoever is appointed from time to time by the Lessor as the Architect of the Building.
The Architect means Boogertman Partners appointed for the Development by the Seller;