Responsibilities of Sample Clauses

Responsibilities of a. I, agree to serve as the primary contact for my organization’s approved trainers. I will remain the contact until notifying MICMT of any changes. We, ( ):
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Responsibilities of. SWBT-KS, SWBT-TX and SWBT-MO in connection with CSP Contract Conversions
Responsibilities of a) --------------------------------- shall produce and make available mutually identified products to NSC and NSC shall sell such products on the Terms & Conditions contained hereinafter in this MOU.
Responsibilities of. Clause 5.3 shall be replaced as follows:
Responsibilities of shall review both continuing and qualifying education courses for tax preparers, either thru a review or audit process, to ensure that courses meet all educational standards contained in CTEC Course Policies. In addition, . shall, at the request of the chairperson of the Curriculum Provider Standards (CPS) Committee, provide other services supportive of the mission of CTEC, including, but not limited to, attendance at the CPS Committee meetings or at other CTEC related meetings.
Responsibilities of shall use commercially reasonable efforts, consistent with prudent business practice, and shall devote such time as may be reasonably necessary to conduct an aggressive selling program and to promote the sale, lease or other distribution of the Products within the specified Territory. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing:
Responsibilities of a. shall follow the IPLA established curriculum when offering the IPLA Program.
Responsibilities of. Contingent upon receiving adequate funding under the Face Forward grant, ______ agrees to do the following: Administer the Face Forward grant, including the timely payment of amounts invoiced by MLSA under this memorandum of understanding, the completion of any reports relevant to the grant, and the communication of any relevant requirements for grant compliance with MLSA and other partners. Communicate with MLSA at regular meetings and otherwise regarding program participants’ experiences with the types of cases to be handled under this memorandum of understanding, so MLSA may make adjustments in its service delivery as appropriate. Assign relevant staff members to participate in training with MLSA regarding the identification of relevant civil legal issues, ethical and other issues pertaining to the practice of law that are relevant to the Face Forward project, and the process for referring cases to MLSA for relevant civil legal services. Make appropriate referrals of relevant civil legal cases to MLSA, especially the issues set forth under “Types of Cases” above. Assist MLSA in securing appropriate space to have confidential meetings with clients as needed. Provide training to MLSA regarding the services available from ______ and the appropriate process for referring clients to ______.
Responsibilities of. A. shall develop, update and maintain Screening Criteria.
Responsibilities of. WARDS The responsibility matrix included in Exhibit B to this Service Agreement identifies the responsibilities of Wards --------- during the Term of this Service Agreement, as such Exhibit may be amended and supplemented from time to time pursuant to the Master Agreement. The responsibilities of Wards shall be limited to those items listed in the matrix.