Data Subjects Sample Clauses

Data Subjects. The Personal Data transferred/Processed, according to the specific Service activated, may concern the following categories of Data Subjects, not determinable in advance: • Client and/or employees and collaborators of the Client; • Providers of the Client; • Users of the Client; • Customers of the Client; • Data Subjects whose Personal Data are Processed by the Client acting as Data Controller by using the Service/s provided by Register:
Data Subjects. 8.1 In case a Data Subject wishes to exercise its rights under the Data Protection Laws, Leaseweb shall cooperate to the extent that can reasonably be expected of Leaseweb to ensure Customer can comply with its statutory obligations in this respect.
Data Subjects. Data Controller / Data Exporter (where applicable) may, at its sole discretion, submit Personal Data to the Service(s), which may include, but is not limited to, the following categories of Data Subjects: employees, relatives of employees, customers, prospective customers, service providers, business partners, vendors, advisors (all of whom are natural persons) of Data Controller / Data Exporter and any natural person(s) authorized by Data Controller / Data Exporter to use the Services.
Data Subjects. The Personal Data transferred includes but is not limited to the following categories of Data Subjects: ● Employees, freelancers and contractors of the Controller. ● Users, Affiliates and other participants from time to time to whom the Controller has granted the right to access the Services in accordance with the terms of the Agreement. ● Clients of the Controller and individuals with whom those end users communicate with by email and/or other messaging media. ● Employees of clients of the Controller. ● Suppliers and service providers of the Controller. ● Other individuals to the extent identifiable in the content of emails or their attachments or in archiving content. ●