Special Leave Sample Clauses

Special Leave. (a) Where leave from work is required, an employee shall be entitled to special leave at their regular rate of pay for the following:
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Special Leave. Where leave from work is required, a regular employee who has completed probation will be entitled to special leave without pay to a maximum of 10 days per year for the following:
Special Leave. The Employer, in any one year, may grant to an employee:
Special Leave a) Special Leave is a provision designed to enable an employee to be absent from their employment with full pay for the following reasons:
Special Leave. 30.01 An employee shall earn special leave credits with pay up to a maximum of twenty-five (25) days (187.5 hours) at the rate of one- half (0.5) day (3.75 hours) every four (4) weeks (150 hours). As special leave credits are used, they shall continue to be earned up to the maximum. Special leave credits may be used for the following purposes:
Special Leave. (1) An employee shall on sufficient cause being shown, be granted special leave with pay.
Special Leave. Additional leave with or without pay may be granted in special circumstances at the discretion of the employing authority. Authorities shall give particular consideration to granting reasonable paid time off for dependants as defined under the Employment Relations Xxx 0000.
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Special Leave. 19.02 For the purpose of this article, immediate family is defined as an employee's father, mother, step-parent, brother, sister, spouse, common-law spouse, child, step-child, xxxxxx child, father-in-law, mother-in-law, grandmother, grandfather, grandchild, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, brother-in-law, sister-in-law and any relative permanently residing in the employee's household or with whom the employee presently resides.
Special Leave. Special leave with pay may be used for the following purposes:
Special Leave. An employee not on leave of absence without pay shall be entitled to special leave at his regular rate of pay for the following should they occur on a scheduled workday:
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