Technical Data Sample Clauses

Technical Data. All materials and documents prepared or developed by Supplier in connection with the performance of this Order, including all manuals, data, designs, drawings, plans, specifications, reports, calculations and summaries, shall become the property of Company when prepared, whether delivered to Company or not, and shall, together with any materials and documents furnished to Supplier by Company, be delivered to Company upon request and, in any event, upon termination or completion of this Order.
Technical Data. Anything herein to the contrary notwithstanding, neither the Borrower nor any of its Subsidiaries shall have any obligations to disclose pursuant to this Agreement any engineering, scientific, or other technical data without significance to the analysis of the financial position of the Borrower and its Subsidiaries.
Technical Data. 4.1 Technical Data Provided BRAD shall furnish to Buyer the Technical Data described in Attachment A hereto (the "Technical Data"). The Technical Data shall be in the English language and shall provide information on items manufactured according to BRAD's detailed design and in those units of measures used in the Specification or as may otherwise be required to reflect Aircraft instrumentation as may be mutually agreed.
Technical Data. Customer shall not provide to Licensor any Technical Data as that term is defined in the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (“ITAR”) at 22 CFR 120.10. Customer shall certify that all information provided to Licensor has been reviewed and scrubbed so that all Technical Data and other sensitive information relevant to Customer’s ITAR regulated projects has been removed and the information provided is only relevant to bug reports on Licensor products.
Technical Data. For the purpose of this clause, the term "
Technical Data. Unless specifically identified and priced in this contract as a separate item or items to be delivered by Supplier (and in that event, except to the extent so identified and priced), the sale of goods hereunder confers on Customer no right in, license under, access to, or entitlement of any kind, to any of Supplier's technical data including but not limited to design, process technology, software and drawings, or to technical data including but not limited to design, process technology, software and drawings, or to Supplier's invention (whether or not patentable) irrespective of whether any such technical data or invention or any portion thereof arose out of work performed under or in the course of this contract, and irrespective of whether Customer has paid or is obligated to pay Supplier for any part of the design and/or development of the goods.