Regular Rate Sample Clauses

Regular Rate. The regular rate of pay is defined as the employee's prescribed rate per hour, including any applicable shift pay, prison ("P" rate) pay, hazard pay, and on call pay.
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Regular Rate is the rate of pay for the job classification in which an Employee is presently working.
Regular Rate. The term “regular rate” as used in this Agreement means the employee’s basic rate, plus any shift premium pay, leader pay, odd workweek pay, A&P bonus pay, radio telephone license bonus pay, Flight Mechanic bonus pay and Flight Engineer bonus pay. Flight pay is not included in the regular rate.
Regular Rate. 1. Bargaining unit members will be paid straight (regular) rate pursuant to Article 19 for each hour or portion worked for which the bargaining unit member is scheduled except as otherwise provided herein.
Regular Rate. The nurse's regular rate of pay will be the base rate plus all applicable differentials and premiums for which the nurse is eligible.
Regular Rate. The employee’s prescribed hourly rate of pay, including any applicable shift differential, and on-call pay.
Regular Rate. As used in this Article, "regular rate" shall be defined as the term is defined in the Fair Labor Standards Act.
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