Section 6.3 Sample Clauses

Section 6.3. 27 The workweek shall consist of five (5) consecutive days, Monday through Friday, followed by two (2) 28 consecutive days of rest, Saturday and Sunday except as provided in Section 6.3.1.
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Section 6.3. 34 School Year Employees are those employees whose work year consists of less than two hundred and 35 sixty (260) days per year and who do not meet the state definition of an FTE. 37 Section 6.3.1. CLASSIFICATION 180 CONTRACT DAYS Plus Additional ALL STAFF DAY (Mandatory) ADDITIONAL DAYS Para Educator 180 + 2 days Yes = Day 1 Plus, choice below= Day 2 1 day before school begins, or Mid-Year Day, or 1 day after school ends SLPA 180 + 2 days Yes = Day 1 Braille/Vision Specialist 180 + 2 days Yes = Day 1 Nurse 180 + 2 days Yes = Day 1 Technology Assistant 180 + 2 + 20 days Yes = Day 1 Mid-Year Day = Day 2 10 days before school begins 10 days after school ends Secretary 180 + 2 + 20 days Yes = Day 1 Support Secretary 180 + 2 days Yes = Day 1 Mid-Year Day = Day 2 Assistant Xxxx Lunch Clerk 180 + 1 day Yes = Day 1 NONE Bus Driver 180 + 1 day Yes = Day 1 NONE Mechanic 180 + 1 + 10 days Yes = Day 1 10 days as directed by Transportation Supervisor CLASSIFICATION 260 CONTRACT DAYS ALL STAFF DAY (Mandatory) ADDITIONAL DAYS Transportation/Maintenance Secretary 260 days -Year-round Yes Days(s) over 260 may be taken as unpaid leave subject to approval by the supervisor Grounds/Maintenance 260 days -Year-round Yes Custodian 260 days -Year-round Yes
Section 6.3. 10 Visitation rights shall be granted to the designated representative of the Public School Employees of 11 Washington/SEIU Local 1948 to visit with employees in the appropriate bargaining units for purposes of 12 grievance procedures and/or general information data. The visiting delegate shall notify the School District 13 of his/her arrival. The visitation rights shall not interfere with the employee’s normal work routine.
Section 6.3. 20 When formal meetings are held between the Conference Committee and the District designated 21 representative(s) pursuant to Section 6.1, formal minutes will be prepared if requested by either party 23 made available to the Conference Committee for review prior to final preparation. The Association 24 will be furnished copies of the completed minutes. 28 A R T I C L E V I I 30 HOURS OF WORK
Section 6.3. 34 Up to six (6) bargaining unit members designated by the Union shall receive one (1) paid release day 35 annually to attend the PSE Conference. 36 37 38 39 A R T I C L E V I I 40 41 HOURS OF WORK AND OVERTIME 42 43 Facility related maintenance work or services that may be considered for outside contracting shall be 44 discussed with the Maintenance and Operations Association Leadership prior to seeking bids. The 45 Maintenance and Operations employees, through the Association Leadership, shall be given the 46 opportunity to propose and consult with management on the means, methods and schedule for 47 completion of the proposed work. In the event that the Maintenance and Operations employees’ 1 proposal meets the requirements, schedule and budget, the District shall utilize in-district employees 2 for the performance of the job. This section will comply with the terms of RCW 28A.335.190. 3 regarding bidding out of school district facility work. 5 The transfer of bargaining unit work to non- Kennewick M&O bargaining unit members shall not 6 occur unless discussed and resolved between the parties prior to any transfer, and is limited to unusual 7 or emergent situations. 8
Section 6.3. 39 In the event an employee is assigned to a shift less than the normal work shift previously defined in 40 this Article, the employee shall be given a fifteen (15) minute rest period for each three (3) hours of 41 work. A maximum of two (2) fifteen (15) minute breaks will be allowed. Shifts in excess of four (4) 42 hours per day shall include, in addition to the above, a non-paid uninterrupted lunch period of not less 43 than thirty (30) minutes, to be as near the middle of the shift as possible.
Section 6.3. 21 When meetings are held between representatives of the Association and representatives of the District 22 pursuant to Section 6.1, minutes shall be prepared if requested by either party. The District will arrange 23 for the preparation of such minutes and a draft will be made available to the representatives of the 24 Association for review prior to final preparation. The Association will be furnished copies of the 25 completed minutes.
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Section 6.3. 12 Employees assigned the duties and responsibilities of a higher classification employee for more than 13 two (2) consecutive days will be paid at the Step 1 rate of the higher classification or their previous 14 rate of pay, whichever is greater.
Section 6.3. 3 Each shift in excess of five (5) hours per day shall include an unpaid uninterrupted lunch period of 4 from thirty (30) minutes to sixty (60) minutes duration, as near the middle of the shift as is practicable.
Section 6.3. 33 When formal meetings are held between the Association and the District, each party shall be 34 responsible for preparing its own minutes. 37 38 A R T I C L E V I I 39 40 HOURS OF WORK AND OVERTIME 41 42 Section 7.1. 43 Each employee shall be assigned in advance to the definite shift with designated times of beginning 44 and ending. Such shift shall not be changed without two (2) weeks notice to the employee. The 45 employee may waive the required notice period.
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