Grievance Procedures Sample Clauses

Grievance Procedures. The AGENCY agrees to establish a formal written grievance process with procedures through which clients and recipients of services may present grievances to the governing authority of the AGENCY regarding services being provided under this Contract. Additionally, the AGENCY agrees to establish fair hearing procedures that ensure all persons will be advised of their rights to a fair hearing to appeal a denial or exclusion from services and/or the failure of staff to take into account the individual’s choice of service. The AGENCY’S internal grievance procedure must document and include, at a minimum, the following: date of grievance, a written response to the applicant sent within thirty (30) days, and the opportunity for the applicant to meet with the AGENCY Executive Director or designee. Upon request by the COUNTY, the AGENCY shall provide a written report as to the grievance outcome within five (5) normal COUNTY working days. The AGENCY will maintain these documents on file for review by the COUNTY.
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Grievance Procedures. 12.1. Employers should ensure that the rights of employees with regard to HIV/AIDS, and the remedies available to them in the event of a breach of such rights, become integrated into existing grievance procedures.
Grievance Procedures. A grievance is a formal written allegation by a grievant who alleges a violation, misapplication or misinterpretation of a specific article, section, or provision of this Agreement.
Grievance Procedures. 9. The following procedures are adopted by the parties to provide for the orderly and efficient disposition of grievances and are the sole and exclusive procedures for resolving grievances as defined herein.
Grievance Procedures. The employing authority should ensure that all employees are aware of the person to whom they should apply in the event of their having a grievance and of the procedure to be followed in that instance. These procedures should accord with ACAS guidance.
Grievance Procedures. The Association and the University agree that they will use their best efforts to encourage the informal and prompt settlement of any complaint that exists with respect to the interpretation or application of this Agreement. However, in the event such a complaint arises between the University and the Association which cannot be settled informally, a grievance procedure is described herein.
Grievance Procedures. A. A grievance is an alleged violation, misinterpretation, or misapplication of this Agreement. The “grievant” is the employee or Association alleging violation of the specific and express terms of the Agreement.
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Grievance Procedures. 17.01 The purpose of any grievance procedure is to maintain good relations between employees and management at all levels. The grievance procedure helps to do this by providing a method of resolving complaints quickly and fairly.
Grievance Procedures. 23. The following procedures are adopted by the Parties to provide for the orderly and efficient disposition of grievances and are the sole and exclusive procedures for resolving grievances as defined herein.
Grievance Procedures. 15.02.01 Grievances initiated at the Step 1 level under this Article shall be initiated by the Union District Chair and only after the required informal discussion(s) provided for in Article 15.01.02.
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