Section 3.8 Sample Clauses

Section 3.8. 36 The District will make reasonable efforts to create a work environment that is free of unsafe or 37 hazardous conditions. Any employee who believes that a condition is unsafe or hazardous must notify 38 his/her immediate supervisor, in writing, stating his/her concerns. The supervisor will respond to such 39 notification within five (5) workdays. If the employee determines that the supervisor’s actions or 40 answer does not correct the problem, the employee may contact the next level of management or 41 administration. Every employee has the right to make these reports without fear of reprisal. 42 Additionally, employees who believe that an emergent working condition is unsafe have an obligation
Section 3.8. 26 Investigatory meetings and disciplinary meetings will be held at separate times. In investigatory actions, 27 whenever possible, the District will give the following notice:
Section 3.8. 36 Bargaining unit members shall not have work reviewed or evaluated by other bargaining unit 37 members; provided, however, that Lead or Head positions may provide input for the annual evaluation. 38 39 40 41 A R T I C L E I V 42 43 RIGHTS OF THE ASSOCIATION 44 45 Section 4.1. 46 The Association has the right and responsibility to represent the interests of all employees in the unit; 47 to present its views to the District on matters of concern, either orally or in writing; to consult or to be 48 consulted with respect to the formulation, development, and implementation of industrial relations 1 matters and practices which are within the authority of the District; and to enter collective negotiations 2 with the object of reaching an agreement applicable to all employees within the unit.
Section 3.8. 16 The District agrees to provide safe and non-hazardous working conditions within the District facilities.
Section 3.8. 31 Any employee whose personal vehicle is vandalized on school district property during working hours 32 shall be entitled to compensation for either the deductible portion of the employee’s personal 33 automobile insurance up to a five hundred dollar ($500.00) maximum per occurrence or the actual cost 34 of repair up to a five hundred dollar ($500.00) maximum per occurrence. In order to recover such 35 amount, the employee must submit a signed police report in support of the claim.
Section 3.8. 9 The District will make available to all employees who work alone at night, with no other employee 10 nearby, the use of a cell phone from the bus garage. The cell phone will be used only in the case of 11 emergency, may be picked up at the beginning of the night shift and shall be returned to the bus 12 garage prior to leaving work at the end of the shift. 16 ARTICLE IV 17 18 UNION MEMBERSHIP AND CHECKOFF
Section 3.8. 5 Employees who administer student catheterization services shall be provided the training as needed. If 6 the job posting and description that the employee was hired under does not include providing 7 catheterization services, they shall have the right of refusal as described under RCW 28A.210.280. 11 A R T I C L E I V 13 RIGHTS OF THE ASSOCIATION 15 Section 4.1. 16 The Association has the right and responsibility to represent the interests of all employees in the unit; 17 to present its views to the District on matters of concern, either orally or in writing; to consult, upon 18 request, with respect to the formulation, development and implementation of practices which are 19 within the authority of the District, including the manner and method of any reduction in force because 20 of lack of work or other legitimate reasons.
Section 3.8. 21 All classified employees shall be compensated their hourly rate of pay for attending all District 22 approved committee work sessions and/or building/District meetings in relationship to their job, 23 occurring before or after working hours so long as the employees are required to attend such meetings 24 or workshops. Overtime will apply if the employee works a forty (40) hour work week. Prior approval 25 is required for all overtime situations. 29 A R T I C L E I V 30 31 RIGHTS OF THE ASSOCIATION 32 33 Section 4.1. 34 The Association has the right and responsibility to present their views to the District on matters 35 concerning their employment relations with the District, to meet at reasonable times to confer and 36 negotiate and to execute a written agreement with respect to grievance procedures and collective 37 negotiations on personnel matters including wages, hours, and working conditions, pursuant to RCW 00 00.00.000. 39
Section 3.8. 36 All employees are to be hired on a probationary basis for the first ninety (90) days, during which their 37 performance and suitability for the job are to be appraised by their supervisor. Every reasonable effort 38 should be made to help a probationary employee achieve satisfactory performance, but he/she may be 39 terminated at any time during the probationary period with no appeal rights. The reasons for 40 termination will be thoroughly documented, placed in the employee's file, and made available to the 41 Union. 43 After satisfying the probationary period, each employee will be evaluated at least once annually. Any 44 employee whose performance or conduct does not meet the requirements of their job will:
Section 3.8. 2 Supervisors shall share with the employees they supervise any negative feedback and/or complaints 3 received within a reasonable time, whether in an evaluation document or informally. Supervisors shall 4 express to relevant certificated staff an expectation that timely and appropriate feedback be provided 5 regarding Paraeducators working under their direction. Each employee shall be provided an annual 6 evaluation in writing by the end of the employee’s work year (August 31st for twelve month 7 employees) and no less than five (5) workdays prior to the last scheduled workday of the school year 8 for less than twelve (12) month employees. There will be a meeting between the employee and 9 supervisor to review the evaluation. Employees may, within a thirty (30) calendar day period of time 10 after the meeting, submit a written response to their evaluation, which will be filed with the District 11 evaluation to which it responds. The supervisor shall read and sign the employee’s response.