Athletics Sample Clauses

Athletics. A. It is the responsibility of the Director of Athletics to make proper requests for assistance in crowd control at interscholastic athletic activities.
Athletics. Full amount paid in lump sum at the end of the season or evenly spread 11 among paychecks during the season. Employees hired after the first day of the season may 12 receive a single lump sum payment of half of the total amount.
Athletics. Post- Season Bonus: The head coach and varsity assistant coaches 41 shall be paid $100.00 per week for coaching any or all of the defined work week 42 during FHSAA sponsored post-season events. The post season athletic week shall 43 be defined as Monday through Saturday for supplement calculation purposes. The 44 TALC salary supplement shall be signed by the employee, the Principal, and the 45 Athletic/Activities Director. The Athletic/Activities Director shall maintain records 46 to monitor and authorize payment of the post-season supplements.
Athletics. 1) Unless otherwise stated, all bets on Athletics are determined on the basis of the result after the final stage of that competition. If neither of the listed participants takes part in the final stage, all bets will be void, unless the governing association follows specific tie-breaking procedures, in which case, these will be deemed valid.
Athletics. Football (Head) 7 Football (Asst.) 4 Wrestling (Head) 7 Wrestling (Asst.) 4 Baseball 7 Volleyball 7 Basketball (Head Women’s) 7 Basketball (Head Men’s) 7 Basketball (Asst. Women’s) 4 Basketball (Asst. Men’s) 4 Soccer (Women’s) 7 Soccer (Men’s) 7 Softball 7
Athletics.  An assistant is employed when 20-40 students are involved in the football, track, wrestling or swimming program and other assistants when the number of participants exceeds forty (40, 20 per assistant). For purposes of preliminary staffing, the number actively participating in the last meet of the previous season is the determining factor.  If in a championship playoff, additional payment requests will be submitted at the conclusion of the activity. Extended season payment is based on the stipend divided by twelve (12), (season is considered to be 12 weeks), for one (1) week: divided again by five (5) for a daily rate.  Staff is determined by the average number of active participants in the previous year. An assistant is authorized when forty-six (46) students are involved in the program and a second assistant when the number of participants exceeds ninety-two (92).  Eligibility for extracurricular pay is determined by a minimum of thirty-six (36) activity sessions and four (4) special athletic events.  During the term of this agreement, the extracurricular stipend for coaches of high school varsity sports will be increased should their team be administratively approved by the Principal and otherwise required to participate in post-season playoffs. The amount of this increase in stipend shall generally provide proportional weekly pay for each week beyond the regular league season, but in no case shall exceed thirty percent (30%) of the original stipend. This increase shall in no way be considered a bonus. It is intended only to provide compensation for the extra time involved.  The season begins on the first day the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF), or the league, and the District allow practice to begin, or the day practice actually begins with District approval. The coach must be in attendance for the practice to be official. The season ends on the date of the last league game for football, baseball, volleyball, soccer, and basketball. The season ends at the conclusion of the sectional meets for all other sports. MUSIC:  It is understood that the term "concert" refers to a formal, planned, and publicized evening performance designed for students, parents, school, and community.  A "Music Festival" must be a CMEA sanctioned event. Each individual ensemble must perform on its own at a CMEA festival to qualify for extra-curricular pay. It is possible to combine groups at a festival, but prior approval from the Music Department Chair is r...
Athletics. Xxxxxxx 1 Basketball - Head Coach - 8th Grade - Girls 6
Athletics. 1. Head Coaches Golf $5,500 2,000 Men’s Basketball $5,500 2,000 Women’s Volleyball $5,500 2,000 Men’s Baseball $5,500 2,000 Women’s Basketball $5,500 2,000 Men’s Soccer $5,500 2,000 Women’s Soccer $5,500 2,000 Softball $5,500 2,000 Head Coaching Stipends may be set at minimal annual levels (eliminating the recruiting incentive payment) and shall be increased to: 0-3 years of service $5,500 5 years of service $6,000 10 years of service or more $6,500 The Athletic Director may, upon approval by the Vice President for Student Services, grant student success and retention incentives of up to $1,000 per year. These criteria shall be determined at the Athletic Director's discretion.