Rest Period Sample Clauses

Rest Period. An employee who works overtime shall have at least a ten hour rest period between the end of ordinary hours on any one day and start of ordinary hours on the next day. If on the instructions of the employer, the employee resumes or continues work without having had 10 consecutive hours off duty, the employee shall be paid double time until he or she is released from duty for ten hour rest period. The employee shall then be entitled to be absent without loss of pay for ordinary working hours occurring during the ten hour rest period. In the case of shift workers, eight hours shall be substituted for ten hours when overtime is worked:
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Rest Period. During each normal work day, Saturdays, Sundays, and shift work, employees will be entitled to two (2) ten (10) minute paid rest periods to be scheduled and observed. When working a four (4) day, ten (10) hour schedule, the rest period will be fifteen (15) minutes each. - one (1) rest period at the mid-way point of the first half of the normal hours of work; - one (1) rest period at the mid-point of the second half of the normal hours of work. Rest period will be measured from ceasing work to commencement of labour and will be taken at a time determined by the employer.
Rest Period. 25.1 For employees working normal hours, a fifteen (15) minute rest period will be allotted, at the time and in a reasonable location as directed by the Employer, for each half shift worked. Where a half shift is less than four (4) hours, there shall be no rest period.
Rest Period. An employee shall be entitled to a paid rest period of fifteen (15) minutes during both the first and second half of his/her normal working day.
Rest Period. A fifteen (15) minutes compensated rest period shall be provided all employees for each four (4) hour period of service or major fraction thereof. The rest period herein described shall be taken at the discretion of the immediate administrator.
Rest Period. A part-time employee shall be permitted a 15 minute rest period during each full 4 hour period of their shift.
Rest Period. Employees shall be allowed a rest period of not less than ten minutes, on the Employer’s time, for each four hours of working time. Rest periods shall be scheduled as near as possible to the mid-point of the work period. No employee shall be required to work more than three hours without a rest period.
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Rest Period. Employees shall be granted one fifteen (15) minute rest period in each four (4) hours of work. Such rest periods shall normally be taken near the midpoint of each such four (4) hour work period.
Rest Period. Full-Time and Part-Time
Rest Period. A rest period of ten minutes will be allowed, without deduction of pay, between 9.00am and 10.00am. These times may be varied to suit the on-site requirements of any particular project.
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