AND REPRESENTATIVES. The Hospital recognizes three (3) Union Stewards as per Article (a).
AND REPRESENTATIVES. The Hospital acknowledges the right of the Association to appoint or otherwise select five (5) Nurse Representatives from the nurses in either bargaining unit, as long as no more than one (1) representative is selected from each of the five Acute Care Long Surgical Suite Care
AND REPRESENTATIVES. Union The Hospital recognizes the Union's right to represent its members. There will be a Union representative recognized from each area where members work. There will be no more than one representative from each area. Neaotiatina Committee There shall be up to two (2) employees plus the Bargaining Unit President on a Negotiating Committee. There will be no more than one full-time employee from each area.
AND REPRESENTATIVES. The Employer will recognize the following: Five (5) Nurse Representative, who will represent each of the five offices, for the purpose of with Association business as provided in this Agreement; A Grievance Committee of two (2) nurses; A Negotiating Committee of three (3) nurses for the purpose of meeting with the Employer to negotiate renewal collective agreements; An Association Management Committee composed of an equal number of representatives of the Employer and the Association but not more than two of each. Meetings of this committee shall be held regularly and at the request of either party. Agenda items to be discussed shall be exchanged in writing at least five (5) days prior to the meeting. This committee shall promote and provide for effective and meaningful communication of information and ideas and shall make joint recommendations on matters of concern including the quality and quantity of nursing care. Minutes of this meeting shall be kept and signed by both parties and posted in each The role of Chairperson shall rotate between the parties. The Association will supply the Employer with the names of its representatives and changes thereto.
AND REPRESENTATIVES. I The parties agree that Union Representatives and Committee Members, as provided for in the Central Agreement, may be from either the full-time or part-time bargaining unit and shall represent both bargaining units. The Hospital shall recognize the following representatives and committee members:
AND REPRESENTATIVES. Nurse Representatives There shall be twelve nurse representatives, two (2) of whom shall be part-time nurses. Negotiating Committee There shall be a Negotiating committee composed of three (3) nurses, one of whom shall be a part-time nurse. Grievance Committee There shall be a Grievance Committee composed of three (3) nurses. Association Hospital Committee There shall be an Association Hospital Committee composed of three (3) members of the Association, one of whom may be a part- time nurse and three (3) representatives of the Hospital, one of whom be the Assistant Executive Director, Nursing Services. Nurse representatives, Committee members and Association officers will be responsible for supplying their supervisors with information as to time of4 as required by the terms of this Agreement.
AND REPRESENTATIVES. The Hospital will recognize the following representatives:


  • COMMITTEES AND REPRESENTATIVES C-1 The parties agree that nurse representatives and committee members as provided for in Article 6, may be from either the full-time or part-time Bargaining Unit, and shall represent both Bargaining Units. It is understood that the total number of nurses as nurse representatives or committee members shall not exceed the following:

  • Designated Representatives (a) With the delivery of this Agreement, the Subordination Agent shall furnish to each Liquidity Provider and each Trustee, and from time to time thereafter may furnish to each Liquidity Provider and each Trustee, at the Subordination Agent’s discretion, or upon any Liquidity Provider’s or any Trustee’s request (which request shall not be made more than one time in any 12-month period), a certificate (a “Subordination Agent Incumbency Certificate”) of a Responsible Officer of the Subordination Agent certifying as to the incumbency and specimen signatures of the officers of the Subordination Agent and the attorney-in-fact and agents of the Subordination Agent (the “Subordination Agent Representatives”) authorized to give Written Notices on behalf of the Subordination Agent hereunder. Until each Liquidity Provider and each Trustee receives a subsequent Subordination Agent Incumbency Certificate, it shall be entitled to rely on the last Subordination Agent Incumbency Certificate delivered to it hereunder.

  • Nurse Representatives The Employer agrees to recognize two (2) Nurse Representatives for the purpose of dealing with grievances and conducting Union interviews.

  • Authorized Representatives (a) Landlord designates, as Landlord’s authorized representative (“Landlord’s Authorized Representative”), (i) Xxxxxx XxXxxxxx as the person authorized to initial plans, drawings, approvals and to sign change orders pursuant to this Work Letter and (ii) an officer of Landlord as the person authorized to sign any amendments to this Work Letter or the Lease. Tenant shall not be obligated to respond to or act upon any such item until such item has been initialed or signed (as applicable) by the appropriate Landlord’s Authorized Representative. Landlord may change either Landlord’s Authorized Representative upon one (1) business day’s prior written notice to Tenant.