Retirement Sample Clauses

Retirement. If the Employee's employment with the Company Group is terminated by reason of Retirement (as defined below), to the extent not previously vested pursuant to Section 2(a) above, each quarter of the RSUs described in Section 2(a) that are unvested as of the date of the Employee's Retirement shall become vested in a pro rata amount determined by a fraction with respect to each unvested quarter of the RSUs, the numerator of which shall be the number of months (not including any partial months) that have elapsed for the period beginning on the Date of Grant and ending on the date of the Employee's Retirement, and the denominator of which shall be the number of months for the period beginning on the Date of Grant and ending on the corresponding anniversary of the date on which each such unvested quarter of the RSUs would have vested pursuant to Section 2(a). The shares of Common Stock in respect of the vested RSUs shall be issued to the Employee thirty (30) days after the date of the Employee's Retirement. For purposes of this Section 3(b), "Retirement" shall mean termination of the Employee's service relationship with all members of the Company Group which is specifically determined by the Committee to constitute Retirement.

Retirement. Upon the Retirement of the Grantee, unless the Option has earlier terminated, the Option shall continue in effect (and, for purposes of vesting pursuant to Section 4, the Grantee shall be deemed to continue to be providing Services) until the earlier of (i) two (2) years after the Grantees Retirement (or, if later, the fifth anniversary of the Grant Date) or (ii) the expiration of the Options term pursuant to Section 3. For purposes of this Agreement, Retirement shall mean termination of the Grantees employment with the Company and its Subsidiaries, or a successor company (or a subsidiary or parent thereof) and their respective subsidiaries, other than for Cause (a) if (i) the Grantee is then at least age 60 and (ii) the sum of the Grantees age and years of continuous service with the Company and its Subsidiaries is then equal to at least 70 or (b) if the Committee characterizes such termination as a Retirement for purposes of this Agreement. For clarity, this Section 6(b) shall apply only to Grantees who are Employees at the time of termination.

Retirement. Executive may terminate his Employment hereunder upon retirement at or after attaining retirement or early retirement age under any retirement plan of Arrow and its Affiliates then in effect with respect to which Executive is a covered person ("Retirement"). Upon any such Termination of Employment of Executive due to Retirement, Executive shall not be entitled to any further compensation for any period subsequent to the effective date of such Termination of Employment for Retirement, except for payments, if any, payable in accordance with the then current plans and policies of Arrow or the Bank including applicable post-retirement benefits and payments provided to or for the Executive under retirement, severance and similar plans of Arrow, the Bank or their Affiliates then in effect as to which the Executive participates.

Retirement. If pursuant to the retirement policy of the Company or any subsidiary, the Optionee shall be retired in good standing from the employ of the Company or its subsidiaries prior to the expiration of an option because of age (including early retirement), this option shall terminate on the ninetieth (90th) day after such retirement and the Optionee may exercise this option prior to such time but only to the extent to which he was entitled immediately prior to such retirement. Nothing herein shall be construed as extending the exercisability of this option to a date more than ten (10) years after the date this option is granted.

Retirement. Retirement shall mean voluntary termination by the Executive in accordance with the Employers retirement policies, including early retirement, generally applicable to their salaried employees.

Retirement. If an Employee retires from the Company, this Option may be exercised in full (without regard to the vesting schedule set forth above) by such Employee (or Employees estate or the person who acquires this Option by will or the laws of descent and distribution or otherwise by reason of the death of such Employee) at any time during the period of one year following such retirement. Solely for purposes of this Agreement, retirement means that Employees employment with the Company has terminated upon or after Employee has reached the age of (i) 65 years or (ii) 55 years if Employee has been continuously employed by Forest or its Affiliates and the Company for an aggregate of 15 years.

Retirement. This Agreement shall be terminated upon Executives retirement under the retirement benefit plan or plans in which he participates pursuant to Section 6 of this Agreement or otherwise.

Retirement. Except as the Committee may at any time otherwise provide or as required to comply with applicable law, if Participant's employment is terminated by reason of his or her Retirement (as such term is defined in the Plan), other than for Cause, Participant shall have the right to receive his or her full payment under the Award, if any, to which Participant would be entitled had he or she remained employed through the Vesting Date with payout based upon the performance results as determined under Section 2(b).

Retirement. If Executives employment is terminated because of Executives Retirement during the Employment Period, this Agreement will terminate without further obligations to Executive other than (i) the payment of Accrued Obligations as described in Section 6(a)(i), (ii) the payment of the Pro Rata Bonus as described in Section 6(a)(iii)(B), and (iii) the timely payment or provision of Other Benefits as described in Section 6(a)(ii) of this Agreement. The term Other Benefits as used in this Section 6(d) includes, without limitation, and Executive will be entitled after the Date of Termination to receive, retirement and other benefits under such plans, programs, practices and policies relating to retirement, if any, as applicable to Executive on the Date of Termination pursuant to the terms of such Other Benefits.

Retirement shall be deemed the reason for the termination by the Executive of the Executive's employment if such employment is terminated in accordance with the Company's retirement policy, including early retirement, generally applicable to its salaried employees.