Role Sample Clauses

Role. (a) The role of a guidance counsellor (teacher) is to collaboratively design and/or implement a guidance counselling program which proactively fosters the development and mental health of students in the context of the Catholic school. The guidance counsellor (teacher) may be required to utilise their professional skills in areas including counselling, consultation, programming and psycho-educational assessment to address the relevant educational, personal, vocational and social needs of students within the school setting. In the wider context consultation is required with specialist and other personnel as well as various agencies in achieving service delivery.
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Role. The Custodian, as agent of the Participant, but not as fiduciary, shall take, hold, invest, and distribute all of the assets of the Fund in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. The Custodian will serve as a non-discretionary, directed custodian of the Custodial Account. The Custodian is responsible for maintaining custody of the assets held in the Custodial Account, and for investing those assets as directed by the Program Sponsor on behalf of the Participant. The Custodian (in its capacity as such) will not be an administrative or investment fiduciary of the Plan, and nothing in this Agreement is to be interpreted as causing the Custodian to be responsible for the administration of investment of the Fund other than as directed by the Program Sponsor hereunder, or as performing other than ministerial duties. The Custodian may refuse to exercise any power that it believes, in its sole judgment, could cause it to become a “fiduciary” or “plan administrator” as defined under ERISA, or cause it to be exercising trust powers in contravention of any state or federal law to which it may be subject. The Custodian shall have no responsibility to draft or amend a plan document for the Plan, to administer the Plan, or to assist the Employer or the Program Sponsor in such drafting, amendment, administration, or maintenance, or to ascertain or provide advice with respect to the legal requirements applicable thereto except to the extent of any responsibility imposed upon the Custodian pursuant to the terms of this Agreement. The Program Sponsor represents and warrants to the Custodian that the Participant’s Employer shall maintain the Plan in compliance with applicable regulations issued under Code Section 403(b), including but not limited to the universal availability requirement and applicable nondiscrimination rules, and other applicable law.
Role. The PIU shall be responsible for overseeing and coordinating day-to-day implementation of the Project Implementing Entity’s Respective Part of the Project. Without limitation on the foregoing, the PIU shall carry out tasks that shall include:
Role. The role of the Department Chairperson is to coordinate department operations in the school, to provide instructional support for members of the department, to represent and advocate for department needs and to support the development and implementation of curriculum in the school and the district.
Role. The Board together has collective responsibility for the success of the Company. The Director will, when carrying out her duties under this Appointment, observe the relevant legal and regulatory provisions applicable to the exercise of such duties.
Role. The School Officer: • undertakes reception duties including greeting visitors, answering the telephone and responding to routine enquiries and requests for information • provides general xxxxxxxx and administrative support including preparing correspondence, newsletters, notices and other materials • distributes and collects documents, forms and mail • collects and receipts monies in accordance with Departmental procedures • operates and maintains office equipment including monitoring and ordering office consumables • inputs data and generates routine reports and other documents from school databases • arranges catering for school functions • makes travel arrangements for school staff • assists with the maintenance of school facilities, assets and resources including reporting faults, organising repairs, assisting with stock takes and updating the asset and resources registers • supports student-related activities such as maintaining student attendance records, generating routine reports and correspondence related to absenteeism, assisting with student enrolment procedures and handling information relating to school bus timetables • assists the Manager Corporate Services with the induction and training of school support staff and recruitment processes • maintains staff records and contacts relief staff as directed.
Role. An Education Assistant (Special Needs) supports the Department’s main objective of teaching and learning of students through assisting the teacher in delivering planned education programs and encouraging a supportive and inclusive learning environment. Employees at this level work under general supervision and guidance performing tasks that require limited discretion and judgement in achieving clearly defined outcomes determined by the teacher. Employees will be able to apply techniques, skills and knowledge of relevant principles and practices acquired through previous experience, on the job learning or relevant qualification. Under general guidance, the Education Assistant (Special Needs) can be expected to perform tasks within the following range: • under teacher direction, assists in the implementation of specialised education programs such as occupational therapy, speech therapy and physiotherapy programs • assists teacher in the delivery of planned education programs, including the operation of computers and digital technologies, and implements individual student or small group programs or demonstrations • when required, provides feedback on education and therapy programs and participates in the evaluation process relating to the achievement of goals in special education • assists the teacher or therapist to understand when there is communication difficulty between them and a student • under teacher direction, provides feedback to caregiver/parent as to student progress • collects resources and administrative documents • manages classroom resources or storeroom by maintaining and updating inventory lists, monitoring stocklevels and requirements, and submits recquisitions to the teacher for approval • ensures the safe and hygienic storage and handling of foodstuffs and food preparation utensils. In addition, it is expected that the range of duties contained within Schedule A, when required to be performed, will be achieved at a higher competency than those reached by Level 1 Education Assistants.
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Role. The role of teachers on special assignment is to support teacher growth, but they shall not perform evaluative walkthroughs, informal observations, formal observations or evaluations, nor be asked to offer input in the evaluation of teachers pursuant to the evaluation set forth in Article 10. Observations of teachers made by XXXXx, even if discussed with administrators, shall not be used to influence the evaluation process of the discussed teacher. TOSAs are not to act as substitute teachers, and are to devote their assigned time to the performance of duties set forth in their job description.
Role. The role of deans is to handle student discipline and other administrative responsibilities and shall not be involved in staff discipline or evaluation. Deans shall not perform evaluative walkthroughs, informal observations, formal observations or evaluations, nor be asked to offer input in the evaluation of teachers pursuant to the evaluation set forth in Article 10. Observations of teachers made by xxxxx, even if discussed with administrators, will not stand as evidence in the evaluation process of the discussed teacher. Xxxxx are not to act as substitute teachers, and are to devote their assigned time to the performance of duties set forth in their job description. Evaluation The administration may implement an evaluation instrument to be used for deans. Each evaluation cycle will consist of two (2) thirty (30) minute discussions/conversations and one (1) evaluation conference. The evaluation conference can happen at the same time as the second discussion/conversation. It is the responsibility of the evalutee to collect the data, artifacts, or records to be discussed during the thirty-minute discussions/conversations. The evaluator will also collect data for the discussion whenever possible. The Association would approve any specific evaluation instrument that the administration develops for the deans. The evaluation rating as a xxxx shall not affect their employment as a teacher.
Role. The role of the Project Liaison Group is to make recommendations to the Authority and to the Contractor, which the Authority and the Contractor may accept or reject at their complete discretion. Neither the Project Liaison Group itself, nor its members acting in that capacity, shall have any authority to vary any of the provisions of this Agreement or to make any decision binding on the Parties. The Authority and the Contractor shall not rely on any act or omission of the Project Liaison Group, or any members of the Project Liaison Group acting in that capacity, so as to give rise to any waiver or personal bar in respect of any right, benefit or obligation of the Authority or of the Contractor under this Agreement. No discussion, review or recommendation by the Project Liaison Group shall relieve the Authority or the Contractor of any liability or vary any such liability or any right or benefit. REPRESENTATIVES The Authority and the Contractor may appoint their representatives on the Project Liaison Group and remove those representatives and appoint replacements, by written notice delivered to the other at any time. A representative on the Project Liaison Group may appoint and remove an alternate (who may be another representative of that party) in the same manner. If a representative is unavailable (and the other Parties' representative may rely on the alternate's statement that the representative is unavailable) his alternate shall have the same rights and powers as the representative.
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