Reports and Other Documents Sample Clauses

Reports and Other Documents. The Agent shall have received the following, each in form and substance satisfactory to the Agent:
Reports and Other Documents. The beneficiary undertakes to forward to the Commission, following completion of the project and within three months of the date referred to in article 2.2 of this agreement to the address at article 6: – A certified copy of the final statement of expenditure and revenue actually incurred in connection with the project, presented in the same form as the initial estimate, as well as an exhaustive list of the supporting documents used to draw up the final financial statement. These documents must be certified by the authorised representative of the beneficiary; – 3 copies (including at least one printed on paper) of the final report (technical) on the use made of the above-mentioned grant. The Commission shall have 45 days from receipt of the complete set of final reports in which to check the technical report. In the absence of any comments by the Commission within this period the report shall be considered approved. Following approval of the final technical report the Commission shall have 60 days to check the financial statements and effect payment.
Reports and Other Documents. 4 3.03 Insurance ................................................ 4 3.04 Correctness of Representations; No Defaults .............. 5 3.05
Reports and Other Documents. 8.1. The Partner, without additional call, shall provide the Coordinator with any information and documents essential for preparing the interim and final reports required from the Coordinator by EACEA in accordance to the detailed resolutions of the Grant Agreement concluded between EACEA and the Coordinator. The Partner is obliged to provide assistance to the Coordinator necessary for the preparation of the concerned reports.
Reports and Other Documents. Owner shall furnish to Lender, at Owner's sole cost and expense, (a) a report prepared by a licensed environmental consultant acceptable to Lender indicating to Lender's satisfaction that no "Hazardous Materials" (as that term is defined in the Environmental Indemnity Agreement referred in Section 1.02 above) are present in, on, under or about the Property, (b) a soils report relating to the Property by a licensed registered soils engineer acceptable to Lender indicating to Lender's satisfaction that no unusual or hazardous soils conditions exist in, on, under or about the Property, (c) all of the documents required under Section 1.02 above, (d) the documents required by Article IV, and (e) an appraisal of the Property by or on behalf of Lender utilizing Lender's required appraiser, in form and content acceptable to Lender.
Reports and Other Documents. Vendor shall update and provide, at no additional cost to FHKC, reports and other documents by the established due dates as described in Appendix A. Financial Consequences are noted in Appendix A for reports and other documents not approved by or delivered to FHKC by the established due dates and times. Vendor shall reimburse FHKC via invoice credit for any such Financial Consequences. The Parties agree to work cooperatively to amend these reports and other documents as necessary during the Contract Term. Vendor shall make no changes to reports or other documents without FHKC’s prior written consent, which shall not be unreasonably withheld. In addition to the due dates provided in Appendix A, Vendor shall update and provide to FHKC the most current version of each report and other documents at Transition Period commencement and upon termination or expiration of the Contract. The Parties agree that the need for additional reports and other documents may arise during the Contract Term. The Parties will work cooperatively to define the requirements, including delivery timeframes, of such reports and other documents. This Section 3.2 shall survive termination or expiration of the Contract.
Reports and Other Documents. Schedule 3.8(c) sets forth a complete and accurate list of any environmental site assessment reports and audits (including, but not limited to, Phase I and II reports) performed or prepared internally by Seller or any of its Affiliates or commissioned by Seller or any of its Affiliates from a third party pertaining to Hazardous Substances in, on, under or adjacent to any of the Leased Real Property, or concerning compliance by Seller or any Affiliate of Seller with any applicable Environmental Laws in connection with the Leased Real Property or the Purchased Assets or Seller’s or any of its Affiliate’s operation of the Business.

Related to Reports and Other Documents

  • Financial and Other Reports If at any time prior to the earlier of the Expiration Date and the complete exercise of this Warrant, Company is no longer subject to the reporting requirements of Section 13 or Section 15(d) of the Exchange Act, Company shall furnish to Holder (a) quarterly unaudited consolidated and, if available, consolidating balance sheets, statements of operations and cash flow statements within 45 days of each fiscal quarter end, in a form acceptable to Holder and certified by Company’s president or chief financial officer, and (b) annual audited consolidated and, if available, consolidating balance sheets, statements of operations and cash flow statements certified by an independent certified public accountant selected by Company and reasonably satisfactory to Holder within 120 days of the fiscal year end or, if sooner, promptly after such time as Company’s Board of Directors receives the audit; provided, however, that Holder execute and deliver to Company a nondisclosure agreement in a form reasonably acceptable to Company prior to receipt of any such reports.