Roles Sample Clauses

Roles. LEA is a Controller and appoints Provider as a Processor of Student Data on behalf of LEA.
Roles. ‌ Notwithstanding the contractor’s responsibility for total management of this contract and delivery orders issued there under, the administration of this contract will require effective coordination between the Government and the Contractor. This Article describes the roles and responsibilities of individuals and/or authorized users who will be the primary points of contact for the Government and Contractor on matters regarding contract administration. The Government may modify the roles and responsibilities at any time during the period of performance of the contract.
Roles. Credit Suisse shall act in the capacity as Sole Lead Arranger and Sole Bookrunner and Bank of America, N.A. shall act in the capacity as Syndication Agent with respect to this Incremental Facility Amendment, but in such capacity shall not have any obligations, duties or responsibilities, nor shall incur any liabilities, under this Incremental Facility Amendment or any other Loan Document.
Roles. It is agreed that the Amendment No. 7 Lead Arranger shall be deemed a Lead Arranger for all purposes under the Credit Agreement. Anything herein to the contrary notwithstanding, the Amendment No. 7 Lead Arranger shall not have any powers, duties or responsibilities under this Amendment, except in its capacity as a Lender hereunder. [The remainder of this page is intentionally left blank]
Roles. As outlined in the SHA the Commission will consist of 15 members. Seven members will be nominees appointed by the leaders of the political parties and eight will be drawn from outside of Government. There will be 13 members, a Chair and a Co-Chair. The Chair and Co-Chair are likely to be selected from the non political nominees. Applicants should indicate in their application whether they would be interested in taking up the role of Joint Chair. Initially, the Secretariat to support the Commission will be provided from within the Good Relations and Financial Governance Division in OFMDFM. This and the Governance arrangements will be kept under review.
Roles. For the purposes of this PISA and the Agreement, the parties agree and acknowledge that Company provides the Services to its customers, including to Demand Partner and that Demand Partner uses the Services on behalf of Demand Partner's customers, or on Demand Partner's own behalf.
Roles. It is agreed that each of Credit Suisse Securities (USA) LLC, Xxxxxxx Lynch, Pierce, Xxxxxx & Xxxxx Incorporated, Citigroup Global Markets Inc., Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx Senior Funding, Inc., Xxxxxxx Sachs Bank USA, Deutsche Bank Securities Inc. and Barclays Bank PLC will act as joint lead arrangers and joint lead bookrunners for the Term Loans (collectively, the “Joint Lead Arrangers”). It is further agreed that each of MUFG Union Bank, N.A., RBC Capital Markets1, Xxxxx Fargo Securities, LLC and SunTrust Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx, Inc. will act as co-managers for the Term Loans (collectively and together with the Joint Lead Arrangers, the “Amendment No. 5 (2016-2) Arrangers”). Parties hereto agree that Section 12.5 (Indemnification) of the Term Loan Agreement is incorporated herein mutatis mutandis as if set forth herein in full. 1 RBC Capital Markets is a marketing name for the capital markets businesses of Royal Bank of Canada and its affiliates.
Roles. Citigroup Global Markets Inc. shall act in the capacities as Lead Arranger (the “Lead Arranger”) and Administrative Agent with respect to this Amendment, but in such capacities shall not have any obligations, duties or responsibilities, nor shall incur any liabilities, under this Amendment or any other Loan Document.
Roles. In the context of this Agreement, the Provider acts as “processor” to You who may act either as “controller” or “processor” as each term is defined in the GDPR.
Roles. Under this MOU, the duties of each party shall be as follows: SWIB and SWIB Staff will: