Level 1 Sample Clauses

Level 1. If an Employee wishes to submit a grievance, he/she shall first discuss the complaint with his/her immediate supervisor. The Grievance Committee representative and one administrator may also be present. This discussion must occur within ten (10) days of the event causing the complaint.
Level 1. In the event that an employee believes there is a basis for a grievance, the employee shall first discuss the alleged grievance with the immediate supervisor, either personally or accompanied by the SMEA representative and must inform the supervisor prior to the meeting that the purpose is for a discussion of a possible grievance. In the event of an SMEA grievance, or a grievance involving more than one supervisor, the grievance shall be processed directly at Level 3 of this Article. In either case, the first discussion shall take place within ten (10) days of the time the alleged violation first occurred, or of the time the employee or SMEA should reasonably have known of the alleged violation. The Administration shall be informed that the discussion may be the first step in the grievance procedure. The Administration shall inform the grievant and the SMEA within five (5) days of his disposition of the grievance at Level 1.
Level 1. An employee will present a complaint orally and informally to his/her immediate supervisor. If the complaint is not promptly resolved, it must be put in written form using the Employee Complaint Form and submitted to the immediate supervisor. Within three (3) working days of receiving the complaint, the immediate supervisor will render a decision, in writing, to the employee who filed the complaint.
Level 1. If the grievance is not resolved in the informal meeting, the teacher or the Exclusive Representative must present the grievance in writing, within five days, to the building principal who will then arrange a meeting within five days. The Exclusive Representative or teacher and the building principal shall be present for the meeting. The principal must provide the aggrieved teacher and the Exclusive Representative with a written answer to the grievance within five days.
Level 1. If a grievant is not satisfied with the resolution proposed at the informal level, the grievant may, within seven (7) days of such receipt of such answer, file a formal, written grievance by hand delivery or e-mail (with confirmation of delivery) with the grievant’s supervisor, the Lieutenant, or the Captain, containing a statement describing the grievance, the Section of this Agreement allegedly violated and remedy requested. The supervisor, Lieutenant, or Captain shall, within seven (7) days, have a meeting with the grievant and within seven (7) days thereafter, provide a written response to the grievant.
Level 1. If, after the informal discussion with her immediate supervisor the grievance still exists, the grievant may invoke the formal grievance procedure on the form provided, signed by the grievant and the Association representative. One copy of the grievance form shall be delivered to the immediate supervisor and one copy filed with the Association and should specify:
Level 1. The written grievance must be submitted in writing to the aggrieved employee's Supervisor or designee, who may request clarification of the grievance at a meeting with the grievant and Association representative or may proceed straight to issuing a written disposition of the grievance. The formal written grievance shall set forth the Article alleged violated, the facts constituting the alleged violation, the relief sought, the date of the incident of the alleged violation and the signature of the grievant(s). Within ten (10) work days after submission, the Supervisor shall provide the grievant with a written disposition of the grievance.
Level 1. Within twenty (20) days of when the grievant knew or reasonably should have known of the occurrence of the act or omission giving rise to the grievance, the grievant must present the grievance in writing on the appropriate form (See Appendix F) to the Principal or designee. This statement shall be a clear, concise statement of the grievance, the specified contract provision alleged to have been violated, the decision rendered at the informal conference, and the specific remedy sought. Within the above time limits, either party may request and shall be granted a personal conference.