Education Programs Sample Clauses

Education Programs. As part of the business development process, IC shall provide Clients with opportunities for education and training including:
Education Programs. As part of the business development process, IC shall provide Clients with opportunities for education and training including: Hands-ON Interactive workshops that take place in a small group setting designed to develop the skills needed by early-stage entrepreneurs to successfully start and grow their ventures. Office Hours One-on-one sessions with the Cluster’s 'Knowledge Partners' and/or 'Experts-in-Residence, specializing in Intellectual Property; Finance; Legal; HR; Web; Finance; Marketing; Writing, Editing & Media Training; Insurance; etc. Power Breakfasts Information rich breakfast networking sessions designed to bring together an influential network of academics, researchers, potential investors, financiers, seasoned business professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs. Provides a forum for innovators and entrepreneurs to share interests, ideas, common goals and activities, and resources. Training content is based on staff/intern needs and covers topics such as intellectual property, management and strategy, human resources development, legal and financial issues, leadership etc. Networking Opportunities: IC recognizes that networking is paramount for staff/intern in creating business contacts and alliances. As a staff/intern there will be opportunities for networking with peers, mentors, 'Knowledge Partners', service providers and funding sources, those include: Electric City Talks IC launched a new high energy speaker series in 2019 to bring global disruptors to Peterborough and the Kawarthas. This is an opportunity to hear from successful entrepreneurs and expand networks. Innovation Cluster Client Business Reporting and Program Participation Staff/Intern working in finance for the client of the Innovation Cluster agrees to participate in the Business Incubator Program. The Program is intended to assist Client’s business in creation, evolution and successful implementation of its Business Plan, as reviewed and accepted by the IC review committee. Before entrance into the Business Incubator Program all clients,staff/interns must attend and complete AMPLIFY workshop series. Exemption from this workshop series may be granted upon case managers approval. Business in the Innovation Cluster shall, on an annual basis, submit an updated draft Business Plan and budget not less than 60 days before the end of the calendar year or Client's financial year.
Education Programs. Section 13 CTU Involvement in Federal and State Proposals . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Education Programs. A. Both parties agree to provide leadership and assistance in developing a teacher exchange program that will improve the quality of preparation for teachers involved in the instruction of Mexican culture, language, history, and geography; to support and facilitate the development of resources and training materials for instructor s to be used in creating more accurate and meaningful presentations on Mexico, particularly in the disciplines of history and geography, designed for use in the public education system; to consult on possibilities for study and improvement of curriculum for instruction on Mexico and the United States to represent student populations.
Education Programs. 7.01 (a) The Parties to this Agreement recognize the value of continuing education including staff training, professional development and in-service education for Employees and that the responsibility for such continuing education lies not only with the individual, but also with the Employer. The term “in-service” includes: orientation, acquisition and maintenance of essential skills and other programs, which may be offered by the Employer.
Education Programs. The professional staff of a Primary Stroke Center shall receive at least eight (8) hours per year of continuing medical education credit. In addition to professional education, the Primary Stroke Center shall plan and implement at least two (2) annual programs to educate the public about stroke prevention, diagnosis and availability for emergency treatment. EXHIBIT CTERMS OF PAYMENT
Education Programs. CONTRACTOR will administer education academic programs pursuant to DC Policy 501.106, Florida Statues, and Florida Administrative Codes. Academic Programs shall include: Literacy;