Potential Customer definition

Potential Customer means any person who is capable of becoming a customer on making an application for that purpose to either the Appointee or a Licensee;
Potential Customer means, with respect to the Corporation or the Covered Unit(s), as the case may be, any business, person or entity targeted during the preceding twelve (12) months (or, if after the Employment Termination Date, the last twelve (12) months of the Employee’s employment with the Corporation) as a customer to purchase any products, goods, systems or services from the Corporation or such Covered Unit(s) and (i) with whom the Employee had direct or indirect contact, (ii) for whom the Employee participated in the development or execution of the plan to sell products, goods, systems or services of the Corporation or such Covered Unit(s), or (iii) about whom the Employee otherwise has or had Confidential Information.
Potential Customer means any Person from whom the Company or any of the Relevant Group Companies has actively solicited business during the 12-month period prior to Executive’s termination of employment.

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In addition, the Licensed Territory may be modified, in accordance with the provisions of Section VI.D., in the event that Licensor determines that Potential Customer Confusion exists.

For purposes hereof, “solicitation” shall include directly or indirectly initiating any contact or communication of any kind whatsoever for purposes of inviting, encouraging or requesting such Customer, Potential Customer, licensor, supplier, vendor, employee or consultant to materially alter its business relationship, or engage in business, with the Employee or any person, firm or entity other than the Employer.

In seeking to reduce Potential Customer Confusion, Licensor shall consider requiring providers (including Licensee) of products or services which are the source of Potential Customer Confusion to adopt tag lines or otherwise differentiate such products or services before amending this License Agreement in a manner that would require a material modification in the conduct of Licensee's telecommunications business relating to the Marks.

Generally 4.22 No assurance of Orders‌The Contractor acknowledges that the Contractor may not receive any Orders from any Customer or any Potential Customer during the Term.None of the Contract Authority, any Customer nor any Potential Customer makes any representation that it will procure or seek to procure any particular volume of Products and/or Services from the Contractor.

Licensee's Incidental Use of the Marks may also be restricted under Section VI.D. below, notwithstanding this Section VI.C., to avoid or mitigate Potential Customer Confusion (as subsequently defined).

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Potential Customer means a person or business the Executive solicited on behalf of the Company or its Affiliates or about whom the Executive gained Confidential Information during the Look Back Period and who has not conclusively decided not to do business with the Company at the time of enforcement;
Potential Customer means any person, firm or company or potential Member or customer with whom either the Executive or any other employee of the Company or any Group Company for whom the Executive had, at the date of the negotiations, management responsibility carried out negotiations on behalf of the Company or any Group Company at any time during the period of three months immediately prior either to the start of a period of Garden Leave or to the date of termination of the Employment where there is no period of Garden Leave with a view to such person, firm or company becoming a Member or customer of the Company or of any Group Company;
Potential Customer means any Person or entity who, during the applicable twenty- four (24) month period described above in Section 1.1(j) of this Agreement, has (i) been involved in discussions or negotiations with the Company Group for products sold by the Company Group; (ii) initiated contact with the Company Group in order to obtain information regarding products sold by the Company Group; (iii) been the subject of personal contacts by Executive and/or any other employee of the Company Group for purposes of soliciting business for the Company Group; or (iv) been the subject of efforts by the Company Group to gather, learn or evaluate information which may help the Company Group obtain any future order from such Person or entity.
Potential Customer means any Person that Employee directly solicited, targeted or specifically identified as a prospective or potential customer, or about which Employee obtained information on behalf of a Banking Organization for purposes of directly soliciting, targeting or specifically identifying as a prospective or potential customer, during the one (1) year period prior to Employee’s termination of employment with either Financial Institution.
Potential Customer means a person other than the Board or the Provider or a Customer, ocated in the Service Area, who wishes to receive Services from the Provider.
Potential Customer means any Person who at any time during the period of 12 months ending on the Completion Date was negotiating with the Seller or any Group Company with a view to that Person becoming a customer of any Group Company;
Potential Customer means any individual or entity to whom Company has actively sought to sell goods or services within the twelve (12) month period immediately prior to the termination of Employee's employment and with whom Employee had Material Contact on Company's behalf during that same time period.