Definition of Potential Customer

Potential Customer means, with respect to the Corporation or the Covered Unit(s), as the case may be, any business, person or entity targeted during the preceding twelve (12) months (or, if after the Employment Termination Date, the last twelve (12) months of the Employees employment with the Corporation) as a customer to purchase any products, goods, systems or services from the Corporation or such Covered Unit(s) and (i) with whom the Employee had direct or indirect contact, (ii) for whom the Employee participated in the development or execution of the plan to sell products, goods, systems or services of the Corporation or such Covered Unit(s), or (iii) about whom the Employee otherwise has or had Confidential Information.
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Examples of Potential Customer in a sentence

Upon return of an executed Service Agreement, a Potential Customer shall be entitled to the service requested.
The term "Potential Customer" shall mean any entity that is seeking the execution of a Service Agreement with Pipeline; provided, however, a Potential Customer that enters into a Service Agreement with Pipeline shall be subject to the provisions of this FERC Gas Tariff to the same extent and in the same manner as any other Customer.
You agree that at any time requested by the Corporation and/or at termination of your employment with the Corporation for any reason, You will promptly deliver to the Corporation all property and materials in any form belonging to or relating to the Corporation, its business and the business of any Customer or Potential Customer.
In order to be considered a bona fide bid, Potential Customer must satisfy all Pipeline tariff provisions governing Customer eligibility, including Pipeline's credit requirements as set forth in Section 26 of Pipeline's General Terms and Conditions, and must submit to Pipeline a prepayment equal to one (1) Month's reservation charge based on Potential Customer's bid.
Provided, however, that a Releasing Customer shall not be permitted to release capacity until the Potential Customer or a Prearranged Customer enters into a Service Agreement with Pipeline for such released capacity.