Delivery of the Service Sample Clauses

Delivery of the Service. Unless presence at Customer’s premises is required to provide the Consulting Service, the Service can be provided remotely. Exasol is entitled to utilize qualified subcontractors for the purposes of fulfilling the contract. In case of subcontractors which do not belong to Exasol Group, Customer will be notified in advance.
Delivery of the Service. 1. After the Agreement is concluded, Dataplace will deliver the Service in accordance with the Agreement.
Delivery of the Service. 4.1. Kamernet offers the Service with the purpose of connecting lessors and lessees of accommodations. User is aware of the fact that Xxxxxxxx only has a facilitating role, is not responsible for the establishment of the agreements between tenant and landlord and shall never act in the capacity of mediator.
Delivery of the Service. 2.1 Codes. Contractor will provide Sponsor with the number of promotional codes (“Codes”) requested by Sponsor and each Code will be unique and one-time use only. Sponsor End Users who receive a Code from Sponsor should either visit or call 1-855-8 INTERNET to apply for the Service. If a Sponsor End User provides Contractor with a Code that Contractor provided to Sponsor, is eligible for Internet Essentials, and agrees to the terms and conditions required by Contractor to receive Service, such Sponsor End User shall become a Contractor Subscriber and Contractor will work with the Contractor Subscriber to get the Service to the Service Location. Contractor will invoice Sponsor for the Contractor Subscribers covered by this Contractor in accordance with the payment provision set forth in the Contract.
Delivery of the Service. 20 Section 4.01 Content and Distribution of the Digital Content Service and Traditional Content Program 20 Section 4.02 Delivery of Lobby Promotions, Digital Programming Services and Meeting Services 21 Section 4.03 Content Standards 22 Section 4.04 Development of the Service 23 Section 4.05 Brand; Policy Trailer; Branded Slots 24 Section 4.06 Beverage and Legacy Agreements 25 Section 4.07 Other Regal Advertising Agreements 26 Section 4.08 Regal Run-Out Obligations 27 Section 4.09 License 28 Section 4.10 Cooperation and Assistance 29 Section 4.11 Trailers 30 Section 4.12 Customer Access to Pre-Feature Program 30 Section 4.13 Excluded Theatres; IMAX Screens 30 Section 4.14 Grand Openings; Popcorn Tubs; Employee Uniforms 31 Section 4.15 Consultation regarding Certain Advertising Agreements 32 ARTICLE 5 SUPPORT; MAKE GOODS 32 Section 5.01 Software Support 32 Section 5.02 Cooperation 33 Section 5.03 Make Goods 33 ARTICLE 6 DIGITAL PROGRAMMING SERVICES AND MEETING SERVICES 33 Section 6.01 Participation in Digital Programming 33 Section 6.02 Participation in Meeting Services 33 Section 6.03 Marketing and Promotion of Digital Programming Services and Meeting Services 33 Section 6.04 Concessions, Sponsorships 34 Section 6.05 LLC’s First Right 34 Section 6.06 Digital Programming Content 34 Section 6.07 Use of Digital Content Network 35 ARTICLE 7 INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY 35 Section 7.01 Software License 35 Section 7.02 License of the LLC Marks 35 Section 7.03 License of the Regal Marks 36 Section 7.04 Status of the LLC Marks and Regal Marks 38 ARTICLE 8 FEES 38 Section 8.01 Payment 38 Section 8.02 Audit 38 ARTICLE 9 TERM AND TERMINATION 39 Section 9.01 Term 39 Section 9.02 Termination; Defaults 40 Section 9.03 Right of First Refusal 41 Section 9.04 Survival 42 Section 9.05 Effect of Termination 43 ARTICLE 10 REPRESENTATIONS, WARRANTIES AND COVENANTS 43 Section 10.01 Representations and Warranties 43 Section 10.02 Additional Covenants 44 Section 10.03 Disclaimer 44 ARTICLE 11 INDEMNIFICATION 45 Section 11.01 Indemnification 45 Section 11.02 Defense of Action 46 ARTICLE 12 ADDITIONAL RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS 46 Section 12.01 Assistance 46 Section 12.02 Infringement 47 Section 12.03 Theatre Passes 47 Section 12.04 Compliance with Law 47 Section 12.05 Insurance 47 Section 12.06 Most Favored Nations 47 Section 12.07 Non-Competition and Non-Solicitation 48
Delivery of the Service. (s) Ziggo shall confirm the Customer either verbally or in writing (such to include email and web portal) when the Service is delivered. If this takes place in writing, the confirmation should contain the Delivery Date. For questions about the Delivery Process the Customers may contact the Customer Care Department of Ziggo. Minor Delivery Faults, such as non-functioning of specific functionalities, which defects would, after the Delivery, not qualify as Fault Severity Xxxxx 0, can, within reason, not hinder the Delivery. It goes without saying that Ziggo shall repair these as soon as possible.
Delivery of the Service. 3.1. Assa Abloy shall deliver the Services in accordance with this Agreement, including the Service Descriptions for the relevant Services. For the avoidance of misunderstanding, only what is expressly stated in the Service Description, or the Agreement in general will be deemed Services, Assa Abloy is therefore not obliged to provide any other components, tools, materials, services, products, etc., other than as expressly provided for in the Agreement.
Delivery of the Service. 3.1 Services will be provided at a location suitable for the style of service delivery.
Delivery of the Service